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Engineering Seminar Heliodisplay is a technology used for displaying images in mid air.

Text of Heliodisplay : Screan less technology

Heliodisplay is a technology

used for displaying images in mid air. Developed by IO2


A projector is focused onto a

layer of mist in mid-air appears to float

Two-dimensional display that

Dark areas of the image may appear invisible, the

image may be more realistic than on a projection screen

Heliodisplays use 80 ml to 120 ml of water per hour

depending on screen size and user settings Heliodisplay can work as a free-space touch screen

when connected to a PC by a USB cable

With the supplied software installed, one can use a

finger, pen, or another object as cursor control and navigate or interact with simple content

Base Unit

Projection Source

Base unit transforms water in to a unique screen of

fine vapors, suspended in mid air Create nearly invisible screen The vapor screen is a particle cloud These particle cloud consists of individual micro-

droplets ,held together by surface tension


AIR HEAT PUMP Cools it to a level below its dew point

STORES THE CONDENSED PARTICLE CLOUDFor creating artificial screens

PROJECTION SCREEN Screen created by an invisible layer of fine water vapors


Now the projector projects the given input on the

found invisible screen

No additives or chemicals are needed, only plain tap

water is necessary Operating the device will not change a room`s

environment It causes no odor in the air

Viewing requires no special glasses The image can also be manipulated by touch

The images are best seenwithin 70 degrees to either side

Projected images andvideo are two-dimensional but appear 3-D

It can project images from all the normal sources likeDVD player or PC

Device is light weight and can be converted into afurniture

It works on 95-115 or 220-240V VAC

the area onto which the images were projected seems

dry to the touch

Translucency is controllable with the Heliodisplay

MODEL M1 MODEL M2 MODEL M3 and M30 MODEL M50 and M100 Model L90 P-SERIES

1024 x 768 resolution, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

2000:1 contrast ratio 16.7 million colors Supports all formats

Projects any images that would be viewable on a

computer screen or television No specialized hardware or software 3D compatible

Advertising and Promotion

Collaborative Decision Making Simulation & Training Consumer

Heads-up displays in new fields Engineering/architecture plans Gaming/artwork Build the Heliodisplay into furniture

Heliodisplay is very expensive Needs controlled lighting for best working conditions Images becomes less visible under bright light Screen can become distorted with air movement in the


Heliodisplay has great potential and would be ideal for

collaborative work It could replace the convectional way of viewing

images Heliodisplays is still in the initial stages and the flaws

of cost and environment of positioning will soon be overcome