Heroes SPRING/SUMMER 2015 of 100 Volume 12, Issue 1 “In ... January 14th, in a tragic accident involving page 1
Heroes SPRING/SUMMER 2015 of 100 Volume 12, Issue 1 “In ... January 14th, in a tragic accident involving page 2

Heroes SPRING/SUMMER 2015 of 100 Volume 12, Issue 1 “In ... January 14th, in a tragic accident involving

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Text of Heroes SPRING/SUMMER 2015 of 100 Volume 12, Issue 1 “In ... January 14th, in a tragic accident...

  • Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Valdez III, 32, was tragically killed in the line of duty, early Wednesday morning October 29, 2014. Deputy Valdez was killed in a head-on crash when an oncoming SUV crossed the

    middle line and struck his patrol car. Deputy Valdez, 32, an 11 year veteran with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is survived by his 10 year old son Jesse Avery Valdez.

    Texas Department of Criminal Justice Officer Christopher Davis, 45, and Texas Department of Criminal Justice Officer Eligio Garcia Jr., 53, were killed, on January 14th, in a tragic accident involving a Texas Prison bus and a freight train in West Texas. Officer Davis was married and has no children. Officer Garcia was single and has two daughters ages 10 and 12. A third officer was critically injured and airlifted to a trauma center in Lubbock.

    Houston Fire Captain Dwight Bazile, 57, was tragically killed, in the line of duty, while

    fighting a house fire in south Houston. Captain Bazile, a 37 year veteran firefighter, is survived by his wife and two children.


    N E W S L E T T E R o f T H E 1 0 0 C L U B , I N C .

    “In Their Own Words” by Jayne Jahnke

    President’s Corner – A Few Words From

    Robert Ted Lyons

    Honoring Heroes – The 100 Club

    Awards Banquet

    Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar!

    SPRING/SUMMER 2015 Volume 12, Issue 1

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    “In Their Own Words” by Jayne Jahnke, daughter of Captain Jay Jahnke, Houston Fire Department

    The 100 Club has helped me

    further my education. I know

    they open doors to many

    families, but I am grateful for

    the opportunities they helped

    present to all of us who have

    lost key members of our

    families. Thank you 100

    Club and to all of those

    who continue to support

    this generous organization

    which cares for those who

    cared for our communities.

    Annual Heroes Awards Banquet This will be your only notice.

    The 100 Club’s 61st Annual Heroes Awards Banquet honoring outstanding area Law

    Enforcement Officers and Firefighters from our 18-county coverage area, will be held on

    Wednesday, May 13, at the Bayou City Event Center, 9401 Knight Road, Houston, Texas

    77045. There will be a reception from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with the awards program

    beginning promptly at 7:00 p.m. Dining will

    commence once the program is completed. Dress

    for the event is Business Attire or Semi-Formal.

    A limited number of tickets, at $70 each, are

    available for 100 Club members on a “first come,

    first served” basis. Tickets are limited to two per

    member and orders must be received no later than Wednesday, April 22, 2015. Please

    indicate mailing address with your order. Tickets will be mailed to you two weeks prior to

    the event. Please make checks payable to: The 100 Club and mail to: 5555 San Felipe

    St Ste 1750, Houston TX 77056-5527. You may also call the office, 713-952-0100, if you

    would like to charge the tickets to a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American

    Express, and Discover.


    The 100 Club, Inc. 5555 San Felipe St Ste 1750 Houston TX 77056-5527 the100club.org

    Regular Membership - $100 Annually Business Membership - $150 Annually Life Membership - $1,000 Single Gift Business Life Membership - $1,500 Single Gift Quarterly Life Membership - $250 Annually over four consecutive years. You become a Life Member after your fourth donation is received.

    NOTE: FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY DO NOT use this form to renew your membership. A renewal form will be mailed to you at a later date.

    Your gift is tax-deductable: IRS Tax Exempt AUS:EO:77-1795 Dated 8/26/1977



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    5555 San Felipe St Ste 1750 | Houston, Texas 77056-5527 PH: 713.952.0100 | FX: 713.952.0181 | the100club.org

    SPRING/SUMMER 2015 Volume 12, Issue 1

    T O A L L 1 0 0 C L U B M E M B E R S Christopher Davis Eligio Garcia

    The 100 Club accepts donations to our Survivor’s Fund, of which 100% goes directly to

    the dependents of those killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

  • N E W S L E T T E R o f T H E 1 0 0 C L U B , I N C .

    The 100 Club to Honor Heroespresident’s corner I would like to than

    k each of our 30,6 61 members for

    your continued su pport of our Club.

    It is only through

    you, the members and those who we

    ask to become

    members that we are able to provide

    the much needed

    support to our Her oes, the Law Enfo

    rcement Officers

    and Firefighters w ho daily protect an

    d serve each of us .

    Tell your friends ab out The 100 Club

    and ask them to jo in with you in beco

    ming a

    member. An appli cation for member

    ship is on the bac k page of this new


    We should all be m indful that our Law

    Enforcement and Firefighting Heroe

    s now,

    more than ever, ne ed our help.

    To date, your 100 Club has provided

    over $17,600,000 in financial suppo


    provided to the de pendents of Law E

    nforcement Office rs and Firefighters


    in the line of duty. Additionally, The 1

    00 Club has given law enforcement


    over $12,600,000 in life-protecting e

    quipment since th e program started


    Currently, 84 offic ers are going to co

    llege on 100 Club scholarships work

    ing on

    either undergradu ate or graduate de

    grees that were fu nded with your su


    This program at th ree area universiti

    es has resulted in 720 college gradu

    ates with

    our investment in f uture leaders cost

    ing $8,200,000.

    Plans have been fi nalized for our 61s

    t Heroes Awards B anquet which will

    be held

    on May 13, 2015 a t the Bayou City E

    vent Center, 9401 Knight Road, Hou


    Texas 77045 and will honor 18 outst

    anding Peace Offi cers and 14 outsta


    Firefighters for per formance above a

    nd beyond the ca ll of duty. Member


    orders may be pu rchased by contac

    ting our office at (7 13) 952-0100. A lim


    number of tickets are available for m

    embers at $70 eac h.

    We have schedule d our 27th Annual

    100 Club Golf Tou rnament for Septe

    mber 28,

    2015 at the BlackH orse Golf Club in C

    ypress. Make you r plans now to par


    in the tournament. Many may recall t

    hat last year’s tour nament sold out s


    after we announce d the date. You ca

    n help us make th e tournament succ


    by becoming a sp onsor or by donati

    ng an item for the live auction.

    A F e w W o r d s F r o m R o b e r t T e d

    L y o n s


    You can help us save newsletter printing and postage costs by giving us your email address so we can provide the newsletter to you electronically. We thank the thousands of 100 Club members who have already done so. Please visit our web site to sign up: the100club.org/paperless.

    61st Annual Heroes Awards Banquet Wednesday, May 13, 2015 honoring 32 outstanding Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters in our coverage area.

    27th Annual Golf Tournament Monday, September 28, 2015 BlackHorse Golf Club


    The 100 Club

    S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 5


    In Memorium: Lifetime Director Mark Nielsen Mark passed away in 2013 after a lengthy illness. He is best remembered for his service as a longstanding member of the Club’s Golf Committee. Mark is survived

    by a son and a daughter.

    Lifetime Director Jerry Andrew Jerry passed away in December of 2014 after a brief illness. She served The Club with honor as Secretary/Treasurer in 2002-03 and as a Vice President from

    2004-05. Jerry is survived by four daughters.

    Three New Directors: Director Joe Van Matre – Joe was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014. He is the President of JEVM Properties. Joe is married to Jennifer and in his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and traveling. Joe is involved in numerous charitable activities in and around Houston.

    Director Dana Tyson – Dana was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014. She is the Sunny 99.1 FM Morning Show personality. Dana is married and she and her husband Bob are the parents of five childre