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Match the super powers with the correspondent superhero. Hulk ( ) Healing factorWolverine ( ) Superhuman strength Superman ( ) Heat VisionThe Flash ( ) Speed

Hey, thats SUPER!We are going to watch. Lets see if you know this heroes.

Do you know any superhero that appears in the video?Which one do you like most? Why?Who is your favorite superhero in the world?Do you know the superheroes mentioned in the video??Can you remember any other superhero?

What super hero can you remember?Do you like superhero stories?Where you used to read or watch this stories?


Hey, thats SUPER!

Which of these superpowers would you like to have?How would you use these superpowers?Are there any real superheroes?What defines a superhero?Do you think we have superheroes in the real life? Which one?Are you capable of acts of heroism?