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    Hidden Vine Apartment Development ProposalInvestment Presentation - April 12, 2013

  • Executive Summary


    Investment Proposal

    Project Description

    Market Overview

    BR Development proposes the Hidden Vine Apartments Located in Murray, Utah (approximately 5425 S Vine Street) Develop 80 unit apartment complex

    Acquire two adjacent parcels to create a 4.02 acre site 3.5 acres need to be scraped of vacant building and asphalt parking Remaining acreage is currently empty land Rezone from commercial (C-D-C) to residential (R-M-20)

    Financial Analysis

    Utah ranked top state for Business and Careers Vacancy rates at less than 5% and projected to stay low Cap rates are at 6.5% due to institutional investing and low bank rates Rental rates have grown substantially the last few years

    Land cost estimated at $18,000 per door Return on Investment of 14.9% Cash on Cash Levered Return of 20.9% Profit of $11.575 million over 10-Year Horizon Cash Multiple of 4.00x

  • Investment Proposal


    BR Development is excited to present the Hidden Vine Apartments. It will be an 80 unit apartment complex located in Murray, Utah at 5425 S Vine street. The project will transform the current aging commercial building and asphalt parking lot into a premier apartment complex for families and individuals. Murray City has much to offer to its residents, and this site can capitalize on those lifestyle benefits and extend them to many more potential residents. Its time to make this happen.

  • Project Description


    PROJECT PROPOSALThe plan proposes combining two adjacent parcels located at 5403 S Vine St and 5425 S Vine St to create a total 4.02 acre project site.3.5 ACRE PARCELThe primary parcel, at 5425 S Vine St, is 3.5 acres. It has a 1-story commercial block building with an asphalt parking lot. It was originally the Highland Dairy processing plant. People are most familiar with the property when it was the Old Wagon Master , a country-style restaurant. It was most recently rented by iWorld Simulations, a discovery space center for kids ages 8 -15. The building is currently vacant and has been for years. The propertys long and varied past underscores the challenges the location has had as a commercial site.O.52 ACRE PARCELThere is an adjacent smaller parcel along the northern border on the west end. It is an empty flat 0.52 acre piece of land.

    Parcel Details - 3.5 AcreStories 1Street Height 18Perimeter 524Total Floor Area 16,320 Year Built 1975Effective Year Built 1980Eff. Front (sq ft) 257Lot Depth (sq ft) 593Total Square Feet 152,460

    Parcel Details - 0.52 AcreNo BuildingEff. Front (sq ft) 95Lot Depth (sq ft) 238Total Square Feet 22,651

  • Project Description: Existing Site Images


    Front-view of Building

    Asphalt and Building

    Back-view of Building

    Empty Land

  • Project Description: Surrounding Uses


    IMMDEDIATE SURROUNDING USESThe main parcel has fallen in to disrepair. The development of an apartment complex will transform this area, putting a finishing touch on the street.NORTHThe county has built two buildings to the north of the property. Utah Association of Counties is in one and the Environmental Health is in the other, built in 1997 and 1998. SOUTHStillwater apartment complex is on the south side. It has 456 units on 15.34 acres and was built in 1985. EASTA storage unit facility called StoragePLUS is behind the property. It was built in 1984 and has about 450 units. WESTAcross Vine street is the Murray City Cemetery. It sits on 28 acres.

  • Project Description: Rezoning


    REZONINGThe land is currently zoned commercial, specifically C-D-C under Murray city codes. This code does not allow for an apartment complex. Therefore the land will need to be rezoned to a residential multi-family code and the general plan amended.As a commercial property, it is not ideally located. A map of the area shows that this specific property is on the edge of the transition between the commercial and residential areas. The commercial corridors have grown and continue to develop along State street and 900 east, leaving this property isolated. The property will not be a successful commercial site without the necessary visibility and traffic volume. Multi-family offers the highest value for the land and is perfectly located for families and workers. Multi-family will complement the surrounding uses and add value to the neighborhood. (See more in the land value analysis.)R-M-20We propose R-M-20 which will permit 17 units per acre and up to 20 units per acre after density bonuses. The development is a natural extension to the apartment complex (Stillwater Apartments) to the south. It is on 15 acres and is also currently zoned R-M-20.R-M-25In a best-case scenario, it will also be proposed to entitle to R-M-25 which allows 22 units to 25 units per acre. This is the highest density in Murray currently. Other older projects do have higher density such as Stillwater, which has 456 units on 15 acres (30 units per acre). According to the zoning map there are a handful of projects under the R-M-25 code which include the Stoney Brook Condos, Cottonwoods at Vine Condos and Vine Gate Apartments.

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    Building Plan

    Acres Square Feet0.52 22,6513.50 152,4604.02 175,111

    Sq. Ft. Sq. Yards PercentTotal Building Footprint 27,167 3,019 16%Parking Asphalt 67,536 7,504 39%

    Subtotal 94,703 10,523 54%Landscape 80,408 8,934 46%Total 175,111 19,457 100%

    Size of Parking Stalls 9x18Number of Parking Stalls 200Sq. Ft. required for Parking Stalls 57,600Additional Space Required 17%Total Sq. Ft. Required 67,536

    Land Sq. Ft. 175,111Total Building Area 75,428Land Building Ratio 2.32

    Net Rentable Square FeetType Units Sq. Ft. Total

    1 Bd / 1 Ba 27 700 18,9002 Bd / 2 Ba 53 900 47,700

    Total 80 833 66,600

    Net Rentable Area (Sq. Ft.) 66,600Efficiency 92%Gross Building Area (Sq. Ft.) 72,391Clubhouse (Sq. Ft.) 3,037Total Building Area 75,428

    Gross Building Area (Sq. Ft.) 72,391# of Floor Levels 3Gross Building Footprint 24,130Clubhouse (Sq. Ft.) 3,037Total Building Footprint 27,167

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    Site Plan: 2D Overview

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    Site Plan: 3D Overview

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    Floor Plan: 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath

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    Floor Plan: 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath

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    Floor Plan: Combined

  • NEIGHBORHOOD ANALYSISIn evaluating the sites location, we performed a neighborhood analysis to determine benefits and advantages of the area. Overall value is shaped by access to work, general transportation, shopping districts, schools, and other miscellaneous attractions. ACCESS TO WORKThe project is on Vine street, a two-lane street with medium traffic count. Going north, Vine street connects you to 5300 south which quickly brings you to the I-15 5300 S on-ramp, providing renters quick access to downtown or Utah county. Other major streets such as State Street or Van Winkle Expressway provide more options to travel to other areas of the valley.TRANSPORTATIONUTA bus routes are accessible from the property but the most important transportation item is the TRAX/FRONTRUNNER station at 5200 S and 300 W. These line will continue to expand out across the Salt Lake and Utah valley creating long-term sustainable value to the tenants of the property.

    Market Overview: Work & Transportation


    Hidden Vine Apartments

  • Market Overview: Shopping, Medical, Schools


    SHOPPINGIn addition to the great location for transportation, the property is minutes away from superb shopping and food at Fashion Place Mall. And just as close are other shopping districts with stores such as Walmart, Fresh Market, Sports Authority, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. Lets not forget there is a Costco less than five minutes away!

    MEDICALIntermountain Medical Center (IMC) was recently built right next to Costco. The renters will have extremely close access to medical care.SCHOOLSThe site is in the Murray school district. For renters with young families, Woodstock Elementary, Hillcrest Junior High, and Murray High School are close.

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    Market Overview: Recreation

    RECREATION ACTIVITIESThere are many recreational amenities in the area. Murray City Park, which is 63.4 acres, is down the street. This includes an outdoor pool facility, a community recreation facility called the Park Center, an amphitheater, pavilions and picnic spots, outdoor playing fields, and many walking and biking paths. Also nearby is The Mick Riley golf course, which has 9 regulation play holes and 9 holes of par 3 play on 130 acres. These are only a sampling of Murray Citys parks and recreational amenities.Other close private facilities include 24 Fitness, The Sports Mall on 900 East, or Golds Gym on Van Winkle Expressway and 5600 S.

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    Market Overview: Area Map

    Hidden Vine Apartments

    Murray High

    Murray Park

    Park Center Aquatic


    Hillcrest Jr High

    Cottonwood High

  • GENERAL MARKET CONDITIONSUtah continues to outperform other states as a center for business and economic growth. It was ranked by Forbes Magazine for the 3rdyear in a row as #1 Best State for Business and Careers and CNBC ranked Utah #2 For the Best State for Doing Business. The state is also in the top 10% for the lowest unemployment rate at around 5.2% compared to the national average of about 7.9%. This is in part due to the many businesses that continue to expand or relocate t