High School Strength & Conditioning Program Programming & Greg Rubendall, M.A., C.S.C.S. Program DesignDirector of Strength & Conditioning Identifying

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  • High School Strength & Conditioning Program Programming & Greg Rubendall, M.A., C.S.C.S. Program DesignDirector of Strength & Conditioning Identifying your Workloads June 2013 THE BALLiSTIC UNITED Speed Agility Coordination Quickness Endurance Recovery PROGEAM
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  • Components of Fitness What are the major components of FITNESS? How do you Train Each? Power Speed Agility Coordination Proprioception Strength Endurance Flexibility Nutrition
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  • Periodization for Soccer Refers to the Planning of Training Sessions Systematic Progressive Outcome Goals in Mind Microcycle (weekly) Mesocycle (monthly) Macrocycle (bimonthly or quarterly) Planned Rest Focus on Peaking and Injury Prevention
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  • Principles of Programming The FITT Principle of Exercise Frequency How Often Intensity How Hard Time How Long Type What Kind
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  • Level I - Beginner WeekMonTueWedThurFriSatSun 1 FocusPowerMobilityConditionPowerSpeedStrengthRecovery WorkoutsStrength I Core Coordinati on Agility Core Aerobic C. Core Flexibility Strength II Core Plyos Speed Flexibility Total Body Conditio Flexibility Recovery
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  • Level II - Intermediate WeekMonTueWedThurFriSatSun 1 FocusPowerMobilityConditionPowerSpeedStrengthRecovery Workouts Olympic I Strength I Core Coord. Footwork Agility Core Aerobic C. Core Flexibility Olympic I Strength II Core Plyos Speed Flexibility Total Body Condition Flexibility Recovery
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  • Level III - Advanced WeekMonTueWedThurFriSatSun 1 Focus PowerStrengthConditionPower/Sp eed ConditionStrengthRecovery Workouts Olympic II Chest & Shoulders Core Back Back & Arms Individual Core Abs Olympic II Condition Core Back Flexibility Plyos & Speed Chest & Shoulders Core Abs Condition Individuals Core Back Total Body Conditioning Flexibility Recovery
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  • Structure of a Training Progression of a Session Warm-Up / Dynamic Stretch Speed/Power/Technical Exercises Core Lifts Accessory Lifts Supplemental Lifts Cool-Down / Static Stretch
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  • Principles of Programming Reps1 - 2 - 34 5 67 8 910 13+ SetsHigh (5-12)Mod (3-7)Mod (3-4)Low (2-4) Training Variables by Number of Sets, Reps, and Muscular Goals Reps1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13+
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  • Equipment Bodyweight Exercises Free Weights Dumbbells Barbells Machines Kettlebells Resistance Bands Medicine Balls Jumpropes Plyo Boxes Foam Rolling Soccer-Specific (with ball) Hurdles Ladders Cones Other Equipment
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  • Getting Your Fitness Level TestMeasuresTestMeasures HeightMB Throw Weight300 Shuttle Body Fat %Max Pushups 18-y sprint60 Second Crunch Flying 18-y Sprint1 RM Squat Max Pullups1 RM Bench Vertical JumpYo-Yo IR Test Standing Long Jump 1.5 Mile Run
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  • Goal Setting What are your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS? Age Chronological Biological Position Strengths Weaknesses
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  • Basic Program Template Exercise Set/Rep# Exercise Set/Rep# Exercise Set/Rep# Base Program Secondary Program Core Aim: 1 Abdominals 2 x 30 1 3x8-12 1 2x8 2 Back 2 x 30 23x8-12 22x8 3 Rotational 2 x 30 33x8-12 32x8 4 Abdominals 2 x 30 43x8-12 42x8 5 Back 2 x 30 53x8-12 52x8 6 Rotational 2 x 30
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  • Body Weight Exercises Full Body Inchworm Tuck Jump Bear Crawl Plyometric Pushup Stair Climp Full Body Prone Walkout Burpees Plank Plank to Pushup
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  • Body Weight Exercises Legs Wall Sit Lung Clock Lunge Lunge to Row Lunge Jump Crossover Lunge Squat Pistol Squat Legs Squat Reach & Jump Chair Squat Sump Squat Step Up Single Leg Deadlift Quadruped Leg Lift Calf Raise
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  • Body Weight Exercises Chest and Back Pushup Dolphin Pushup Donkey Kick Handstand Pushup Judo Pushup Reverse Fly Superman Contralateral Limb Raises Shoulders and Arms Triceps Dip Diamond Pushup Boxer Shoulder Stabilization Series Arm Circles
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  • Body Weight Exercises Core L Seat T- Pushup Dynamic Prone Plank Flutter Kicks Bicycle Crunch Crunch Segmental Rotation Core Shoulder Bridge Single Leg Abdominal Press Double Leg Abdominal Press Side Plank Sprinter Sit-Up Russian Twist
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  • SACQERFit Journal Used to Record Assessments Testing Goal-setting Daily / Weekly Program Nutrition
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  • Assignments June 27 1. Send Player Profile & Self-Assessment 1. Send Testing Scores (Self Test) to gnr.coaching@gmail.com gnr.coaching@gmail.com 1. Send Final Version of One-Week Workout
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  • Timeline June 18 Orientation & Program/Player Expectations June 27 Goal Setting & Program Design (BUSC Office) July 26-29 Seminar Nutrition (CSUEB) Seminar Power Lifting (CSUEB) Testing Functional Movement Assessment
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  • Conclusions Developing an age-appropriate soccer- specific program takes into consideration A LOT of variables Generalize your Strength Program Start with Bodyweight and Progress from there


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