High-Tech and High-Touch Product Positioning

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Text of High-Tech and High-Touch Product Positioning

Kevin Lawrence 0801624

What is a high-touch product? Explain the

difference betweenhigh-tech product positioning and high-touch product positioning. Illustrate what could be gained from positioning a product using both strategies?

Define high-touch products Define high tech products State what is positioning Explain the difference between each type of product Illustrate the benefits that could be gained by

implementing both strategies

term coined by John Naisbitt in the early

1980s in his book "Megatrends". It refers to having to deal with or interact with a human being as opposed to having to deal with computers/machines

Consumers are generally energized by emotional motives Appeal to senses more than intellect Does not entail referring to an instruction manual

High techisthe most advanced technology

currently available There is no specific class of technology that is high tech the definition shifts over time so productshypedas high tech in 2010 would now be considered, low tech and somewhat obsolete now.

Sophisticated Technologically complex Most times difficult to explain or understand When shopping for them customers often have

specialized needs or interests and rational buying motives

The process by which marketers try to create

an image or identity in the minds of their target market for itsproduct,brand, or organization

Emphasis is placed on the products image

,specialized info appear minor. Products are linked with the joy or pleasure

found in life's little moments Example Nestle adds showing friends chatting over a cup of coffee in a

caf , placing the product at the centre of everyday life (emotional appeal is understood worldwide)

This position can be enforced by careful

selection of visual or verbal contentAppealing to senses, emotions and cupidity

Frequently established against recognized objective standards performance related attributes features

Suitable for technical products, such as Computers Cars

Creation of products that will satisfy buyers

rational criteriawhile evoking an emotional responseTechnology apparel

Improved Aesthetics/Design Make thecustomer experiencemore fun,

more convenient, more engaging, and more frequent.

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