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  • Hobbies

  • read books

  • play the guitar

  • fly a kite

  • drawing

  • swimming

  • watching television

  • gardening

  • play football

  • play the piano

  • My hobbies1. I like to read books.2. I like to play the guitar.3. I like to fly a kite. 4. I like drawing.5. I like swimming.6. I like watching television.7. I like gardening.8. I like to play football.9. I like to play the piano.

  • The Things They Like To DoAgus enjoys drawing,Drawing cars and trucks.

    Pat enjoys reading,Reading books on shark.

    Kevin enjoys swimming,Swimming with the ducks.

  • Erni enjoys ______________.Afika enjoys _____________.Azri enjoys ______________.Haikal enjoys _____________.Yohanes enjoys ____________.Inggol enjoys _______________.