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Distinctive Design, Locally Sourced







    Masterpiece: A boxy bungalow reaches new heights

    Curb appeal: Design lessons from the open road

    Patio pluses: Dressing an outdoor deck to impress

    Suite life: Two chicks add style to a display condo




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    6 Editors note

    8 Whole home makeover

    15 Driveways & decks

    25 In the works

    28 Final details


    8 Work of art A made-over Vancouver bungalow becomes a luxe, livable home

    15 Outer beauty Our second visit to a South Surrey property yields new examples of fine design

    16 Driven by design Six sexy vehicles with tank-loads of style

    20 Deck the house Extending a stylish home with a great patio

    22 Patio pleasures Staging a party-worthy outdoor deck

    25 Room with a view Deconstructing a downtown Vancouver renovation

    28 Two good chicks to know A new design duo dresses up a drab display suite

    Cover: A deck

    for all seasons.

    Brian Hawkes


    See story page 20.




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    It takes two

    From Adam and Eve to Antony and Cleopatra to Batman and Robin, history and pop culture repeatedly tell us that two heads are better than one.

    Who am I to argue?

    The latest issue of Home Makeover magazine stands

    as further testament to the fact that it takes two, as

    they say, to make things go right. For instance, our

    Whole Home Makeover this month (pages 8 to 14) showcases a stun-

    ning Kerrisdale project completed by a terrically talented twosome:

    designer Cline Pitre and her architect husband, Alan Endall.

    Working together really made us appreciate each others skills that

    much more, Pitre reveals. It can be easy to lose sight of that, espe-

    cially when there are dishes and laundry to be done!

    In the rst instalment of a new, ongoing feature weve named, In

    the Works (pages 25 to 27), the bi-creative powers of a second pair

    designer Tom Bakker and builder Ken Gijssen are exposed as they

    take us through their latest condo collaboration step by step.

    Its amazing what can happen when you put the right people

    together, Bakker comments. Working with Ken inspires me because he

    has a wealth of technical knowledge. If you combine that knowledge

    early on in the design process, it makes for a more ecient project.

    One of my favourite dynamic duos the Heathers joined us in

    the South Surrey sunshine to transform a sprawling backyard deck

    into the perfect place for a patio party (pages 22 to 24). Heather Kleim

    and Heather Stuart used double the design know-how to stage a

    truly gorgeous outdoor space.

    By combining our creative forces, we are able to take traditional

    home-staging projects to the next level, comments Kleim on part-

    nering with Stewart. Working together, our creative forces multiply.

    Last, but certainly not least, we bring you the inside scoop on

    a couple of chicks with some real design tricks up their sleeves.

    Jennifer Scott and Rachel Harrison of A Good Chick to Know Design

    dolled up a White Rock display suite that narrowly missed top prize in

    B.C.s Best Young Designer competition (pages 28 to 30).

    On working together, the chicks say: While we always have a

    cohesive overall design in mind when creating a space, we often

    have slightly dierent approaches on how to get there. Having each

    other as a sounding board for ideas and utilizing two sets of eyes

    when on the hunt for something allows us to achieve the most

    thought-out end result for our clients. Plus, its super fun shopping

    with your best friend!

    I couldnt have said it better myself.

    Noa Glouberman, editor, homemakeover@biv.com

    Editor in chief: Noa Glouberman

    Design director: Randy Pearsall

    Contributers: Stephen Cridland, Lindsey Donovan, Melissa Gidney, Brian Hawkes, Heather Kleim, Heather Ross, Heather Stewart, Alexandra StraubProduction manager: Don Schuetze

    Advertising sales: Art Pouchet, Brett Stenner

    Office manager: Katherine Butler

    Marketing & events co-ordinators: Paige Millar, Aly-Khan Virani

    System administrator: Les Valan

    Subscription manager: Veera Irani

    Controller: Marlita Hodgens

    President, BIV Media Group: Paul Harris

    Home Makeover is published six times each year (February, April, June, August, October, December) by BIV Magazines, a division of BIV Media LP: 102 Fourth Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1G2, 604-688-2398, Fax 604-688-1963, www.businessinvancouver.com

    Copyright 2011 Home Makeover. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or incorporated into any information retrieval system without permission of BIV Magazines. The list of services provided in this publication is not necessarily a complete list of all such services available in Vancouver, B.C. The publishers are not responsible in whole or in part for any errors or omissions in this publication.

    ISSN 1719-8712 PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO: 40069240. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Circulation Department: 102 Fourth Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1G2. E-mail: subscribe@biv.com.

    Next Makeover

    In August: fresh

    kitchen, bathroom

    and amazing

    space makeovers,

    more tips from

    the pros and the

    second instalment

    in our ongoing In

    the Works series,

    which follows the

    progress of one

    design project

    step by step, from

    start to end.



    FSC logo here

    It took more way

    more than two

    to pull off our big

    Driveways &

    Decks shoot (see

    pages 15 to 24).

    Thanks to all who

    made this road-

    worthy feature


    Photo: Brian Hawkes Photographic6 HOME MAKEOVER JUNE 2011

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    2 ///()'*(-#(&

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    What happens when you love your neighbourhood, adore your lot, but loathe your home? No need to move, says Cline Pitre, who heads up

    Vancouvers Celine Interiors design rm.

    Just x it.

    In 2009, Pitre had the chance to put her

    theory into practice when close friends found

    themselves in just such a jam. The couple a

    pair of busy, active professionals with no

    children had lived in their 2,700-square-foot

    west side bungalow for several years. Now

    the house, which felt cramped and gloomy,

    was no longer working for them.

    The space just wasnt large enough for

    these parties that they really love to host,

    with up to 100 guests at a time, Pitre says

    from the downtown oce she shares with

    her architect husband, Alan Endall of Endall

    Elliot Associates. They thought that the only

    option was to move, but none of the proper-

    ties they looked at felt quite right.

    Instead, over the Christmas holidays, she

    and Endall pitched a whole-home overhaul

    to their friends. Their proposal included a

    functional, owing oor plan that blurred

    the line between indoors and out; wide,

    open spaces with plenty of natural light;

    and display walls to proudly showcase the

    couples growing collection of ne art.

    A made-over Vancouver

    bungalow becomes a luxe,

    livable home



    Photos: Heather Ross8 HOME MAKEOVER JUNE 2011

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  • Main oor attractionWith the homeowners fortuitously sched-

    uled for an extended overseas sabbatical,

    Pitre, Endall and general contractor Davidson

    Walker Construction got down to work. And

    work they did.

    The rst thing we did was tear the entire

    roof right o and lift it, says Pitre, empha-

    sizing that this renovation was a major

    undertaking, which took nearly two years to

    complete. The reason we did that was to

    add a couple of feet in height to the main

    oor, which was like an instant breath of

    fresh air. It successfully got rid of the stu-

    ness of the former space.

    Her next step ringing clerestory win-

    dows well above eye level, just shy of the

    rooine eectively provided even more

    ventilation and natural sunlight without

    comprising the owners desire for privacy,

    as traditional windows would have done.

    Eliminating several unnecessary rooms

    from the main oor further decluttered

    the space; the open area left in their wake

    created the perfect blank canvas for a com-

    bined cooking, living and dining space.

    It was still important to include some

    separation between the kitchen and living

    room so that cooking and plating could go on

    unnoticed by guests, says Pitre. We came up

    with a couple of great solutions to do that.

    Rather than building a traditional wall

    between the two rooms, the designer clev-

    erly installed a part wall, just shy of full

    height, which perfectly denes the boundary

    between the two spaces without shutting

    one area o from the other. The functional

    bonus to this architectural feature: it creates

    extra vertical space that can be used to dis-

    play the homeowners cherished paintings.


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  • On the kitchen side, visitors are further prevented

    from viewing any messy dinner prep or cleanup directly

    thanks to a moss-coloured Martha Sturdy rectangular

    resin vase set into the end of the CaeserStone island and

    lit from below. This artistic touch lovingly sourced from

    the Gallery at Matticks Farm in Victoria literally glows,

    eectively stopping the eye from travelling beyond and

    into the kitchen. This smart island also features a wine

    trough embedded right into the stone; lled with ice, its

    the perfect place to chill a bottle.

    Sleek appliances, including a Preference stainless-steel

    microwave and Epicure wall oven, both from Dacor, as

    well as a Viking six-burner rangetop perfectly comple-

    ment the oor-to-ceiling wenge cabinets custom

    designed by Cline Interiors which thoughtfully include

    a shallow space to house wine glasses.

    The living room, too, is full of small, stunning touches

    that are, at second glance, as functional as they are

    esthetically pleasing. Take, for instance, the seeming lack

    of television an imposing appliance that, according to

    Pitre, can be a distraction, at best, or an eyesore, at worst

    in an open-concept space.

    We took one of the paintings from the collection a

    bright-red [Bratsa] Bonifacho piece and hung it on

    an invisible track so that it can be slid o to the side,


    ABOVE: Clerestory

    windows placed

    well above eye

    level ventilate and

    light the main oor

    without comprising


    LEFT: A sliding

    NanaWall creates

    an uninterrupted

    connection between

    the kitchen and



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  • she explains of her striking solution. The TV is housed

    behind that gorgeous...