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  • DOMESTICODYD23Fixing up Saudi Arabia isnt an easy thing to do

    inside this issue 2009, issue 3

    CREATIVE WALL ART 9Use photos, artistic elements to create appealing wall decor

    ROOM TO GROW6Build a bedroom children wont outgrow

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS12Create a charming front porch

    STAGED TO STAY16A home stager transforms homes for the people who live there

    A guide to literature about reinventing your home.............................pg. 4Enjoy a clutter-free bedroom.................................................................pg. 510 hot kitchen trends...............................................................................pg. 9Start living green............................................................................pgs. 19-22

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    Northern Colorado Home StylePage 2 2009, issue 3

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  • Home Style bookshelf

    For people looking to enhance their home, plenty of ideas exist in the form of literature. Use the following lis of books to get some innovative ideas to spruce up and personalize your home.

    100+ Tips: Ideas - Contemporary Houses by Fernando de Haro & Omar Fuentes (AM Editores, 2009) $11.95

    The Kitchen: Creating Contemporary Homesby Vinny Lee (Aurum Press, 2009) $24.95

    1,000 New Eco Designs and Where to Find Themby Rebecca Proctor (Laurence King Publishers, 2009) $35

    Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures by Amanda Blake Soule (Trumpeter, 2009) $21.95

    Newly Weds Guide to Setting Up Home by Gail Abbott (Cima Books, 2009) $24.95

    Table Decor Studio-Soiree: Create a Style Sensation with Festive, Reversible Place Settings and Accessories by Demetria Hayward(C&T Publishing, 2009) $19.95

    Reinvent your home, room by room

    Loving Your Home: An Upbeat, No-Nonsense Guide to Simplicity, Order, and Care by Carol Showalter & Mary Jane Preston (Paraclete Press, 2009) $16.99

    Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environ-mentally Friendly In-formation, Products, and Services by Adria Vasil(W.W. Norton & Co., 2009) $17.95

    The Picture Framing Hand-book: Matting, Mounting, and Framing Tech-niques for Profes-sional Resultsby Andy Parks(Watson-Guptill, 2009) $24.95

    150 Best Kitchen Ideasby Montse Borrs & Aitana Lleonart(Collins Design, 2009) $29.99

    The Making of a Houseby Janne Faulkner & Harley Anstee (Hardie Grant Books, 2009) $59.95

    Northern Colorado Home StylePage 4 2009, issue 3

  • The bedroom is meant to be a sanctu-ary, a place to retreat for relaxation and escape. [But] it often isnt a sanctuary; its a dumping ground, said Vicki Norris, a Sherwood, Ore.-based professional orga-nizing expert, speaker and author.

    Make sure you reclaim adult space, Norris said. If its supposed to be a space for husband and wife, its time to get toys and donated items out. She suggested taking advantage of hidden spaces such as those under the bed or behind doors.

    Norris also noted that its important to customize the bedroom to your personal needs, whether that involves adhering to traditional design principles or not. I see a lot of people spending money on things like chaise lounges they hardly sit in, she said. Even if your bedroom has a little nook, you dont have to set up a sitting room if youre not going to utilize it.

    When purchasing furniture, look for pieces that can double as storage, said Audrey Long, owner of New Hope, Penn.-based Audrey Long Interior Design. She recommended armoires with shallow divid-ers so you can easily see everything. Store extra linens under your bed, or use a chest at the end of the bed that can double as seating. Then when you take pillows and all that fluff stuff off of the bed, youve got some place to pile it, she added.

    Use gift boxes or shoe boxes within deeper drawers to hold sweaters and socks in neat piles, she suggested. It holds things together, and you can see them better.

    clutter-free bedroomJessica AbelsCTW FEATURES

    CTW photo

    Northern Colorado Home Style Page 5 2009, issue 3


    Even if your bedroom has a little nook, you dont have to set up a sitting room if youre not goi ng to utilize it.

    Vicki Norris, a Sherwood, Ore.-based professional organizing expert, speaker and author.

  • An all-adult brainstorming ses-sion is what the parents of a three-year-old expected to take place when they hired Judson Beaumont to help them create a whimsical, one-of-a-kind bedroom for their daughter. Brimming with ideas of their own, they were bewildered when Beaumont got down on his knees and asked the little girls opinion. She said she liked bumblebees, so Beaumont built her a bed with a hive-shaped headboard complete with honeycomb cubbies.

    Its more often the case, though, that moms and to a lesser extent, dads make the decorating deci-sions for young kids bedrooms. On the whole, sales of kids room decor are down due to the recession. But in any economic climate, Theres an elite group that wants their chil-dren to have these ultimate fantasy bedrooms, said Beaumont, whose ironically named Vancouver-based company, Straight Line Designs, sells surreal pieces ranging from $1,500 for an askew accent table to $9,000 for a seasick-looking dresser that seems to wobble and sway on stubby legs.

    Home-makeover shows featuring highly conceptual childrens bed-rooms probably catalyze more than

    room to growHow to build a bedroom kids wont outgrowBy Dawn KlingensmithCTW FEATURES

    CTW photoDresser by Straight Line Designs

    Northern Colorado Home StylePage 6 2009, issue 3

  • a few spending sprees, but Beaumont said safety concerns also come into play. Less comfortable allowing chil-dren to roam outdoors, parents trans-form their rooms into imagination sta-tions. But the economy is forcing some changes in childrens bedroom design.

    It used to be the skys the limit, espe-cially with nurseries, because people were having babies later in life. They had the money, and they just wanted to do it up because theyd waited so long, said Beth Keim, whose Charlotte, N.C.-based interior design firm, Lucy & Co., specializes in childrens bedrooms and playrooms. Now, people arent doing full-blown rooms anymore. They buy key pieces and leave out the finish-ing touches.

    Elaborate, over-the-top designs are out of reach for many parents, but even in a pinched economy, it seems the last thing they want is a room that looks cheap. In fact, the latest trends in childrens decor are sophisticated color palettes, understated patterns and sumptuous fabrics, which can be expensive up front but cost-effective over the long run. Ralph Lauren

    Homes line of childrens textiles, for example, includes textures and pat-terns that would look right at home on a college-bound seniors bed her-ringbone, plaid, tartan, stripes, paisley, toile. Likewise, PoshTots, Glen Allen, Va., sells childrens bedding lines such as Cambridge Prep, which features a

    subdued chocolate-brown and cream-colored plaid pattern and optional decorative pillows with leather buttons and toggle closures.

    The advantage of such timeless styles is that they need not be switched out as a child matures, unlike pastel pinks and blues or garish primary colors, Keim said.

    I havent done a primary-colored room in a long time, she said. I dont know if its because of input from moms and dads or if kids are getting more sophisticated because of what they see in magazines, but its good because the newer colors have more staying power.

    Disney icons aside, even bedroom furnishings featuring licensed char-acters tend to be less cartoonish and more subdued. Through a license agreement with Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Trend Lab a Burnsville, Minn.-based nursery decor manufacturer is launching a line of crib bedding this fall starring Theodor Geisels odd-ball characters, but theyre curiously behind the scenes, peeking out from between stripes.

    CTW photoRoom decorated by Land of Nod.

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