HONTON ICS-490 BGA rework station ... BGA rework station Operation Manual Table of Contents (A) ... Thank you for choosing our newest BGA rework equipment, device with

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<ul><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 1</p><p> ICS-490 BGA rework station Operation Manual </p><p>Table of Contents </p><p>(A) introduce the basic functions of machine parameters and </p><p>(B) the combination of machine parts </p><p>(C) of the function of each machine introduction and operation precautions </p><p>(D) of the machine operating system and Features </p><p>(E) BGA solder frequently asked questions </p><p>(F) reference temperature curve </p><p>(Vii) technical support contact </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 2</p><p>Dear Customer: </p><p>Thank you for choosing our newest BGA rework equipment, device with </p><p>the industry's most advanced integrated intelligent control system-ICS </p><p>(Intelligent Control System) adds intelligent temperature control system </p><p>and intelligent fault detection and wide voltage Intelligent energy-saving </p><p>function and mute function. K-type thermocouple imported closed-loop </p><p>control system can automatically compensate for temperature control </p><p>in order to achieve more precise temperature control; is a sufficient </p><p>guide the industry's advanced equipment. Will bring you more intuitive </p><p>to use and more comfortable feel. </p><p>(A) introduce the basic functions of machine parameters and </p><p>Specifications </p><p>01 Total Power 3800W </p><p>02 Main Heater 800W </p><p>03 Sub Heater </p><p>The second zone 600W </p><p>The third zone(left, middle, </p><p>right) 2400W </p><p>04 Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz </p><p>05 Machine dimension 580*560*650MM 06 Positioning V-groove / Fixture </p><p>07 Temperature control K sensor, closed-loop control </p><p>08 Infrared heating area 210mm*340mm 09 Max PCB Size MIN 10mm*10mm MAX 350mm*400mm </p><p>10 Weight of machine 26kg </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 3</p><p>New features: A: the world's most advanced "intelligent control system" (Intelligent control system), referred to as "ICS", for BGA rework desoldering more humane, more simple, more intelligent. B: super-failure alarm function, the control system integrated fault detection and alarm the following: 1: K-type thermocouple open alarm detection and fault protection. For temperature control, temperature overshoot and other faults no longer occur. 2: up and down the hot air fan fault detection and fault alarm protection. Let the heater burning phenomenon in history, to maximize the protection of machines and personal safety. 3: The heater fault detection and fault alarm, the machine's real-time status at a glance. C: up and down the hot air flow speed of electronic intelligence. For each different temperature curves match different wind speeds, improve repair efficiency and improve the success rate of repair. Eliminating tedious repetitive traditional mechanical machine speed adjustment. D: Y direction of the PCB with dual clamping frame, to meet the larger PCB fixed. Basic functions: 1 high-precision imported raw materials (PLC. heater) precise control of the BGA rework process. (2) The machine uses three independently controlled temperature zones, a more accurate temperature control of the first zone second zone can be set to 8 liters (down) and 8 segments constant temperature control, which can store 10 sets of temperature curve. third zone using warm, independent temperature control, to ensure that the PCB in the welding process can be fully preheated, 3 selection of imported high-precision thermocouple, the temperature precision to achieve detection. 4 using the top and bottom heating temperature of the heating curve way to go alone, cross-flow rapid cooling fan works to ensure that PCB in the welding process, is not deformed. 5 desoldering and soldering 20 seconds in advance of completion of progressive alarm, with a vacuum suction pen for easy desoldering suction times after the BGA. 6. PCB positioning using V-shaped slot, flexible and convenient removable fixture, the PCB has protective effects. 7 for large high-temperature heat capacity of PCB and other requirements, so you can easily handle lead-free solder. 8 hot air nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to replace. Hot air nozzle with a variety of sizes, special requirements can be customized. Motherboards for notebook computers, desktop computer motherboards, and other large circuit board repair, and other miniature mobile motherboard chip repair </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 4</p><p>Introduce the basic functions of the machine </p><p> 1: Limit the heater head shot. (To prevent the heater head crushed PCB) 2: head heater. (First zone) 3: heater head up and down adjustment handle. (Adjustable up and down position) 4: LED lights. (Increase brightness of the work area) 5: head heater hot mouth. (Depending on the chip size can be replaced) 6: lower heating and wind mouth. (Second zone) 7: Infrared heating panels warm-up area. (Third zone) 8: PCB clamping bracket. (Fixed with a clamping device PCB board) 9: PCB clamping bracket locking screws. (PCB clamping bracket can be locked on the right) 10: The display and control buttons. (Display parameters and setting parameters) 11: before and after moving the upper heater adjustment handle. (Position adjustable front and rear) 12: the upper part of the heater cable. 13: the upper part of the heater and move around locking handle. 14: Tighten the screw-shaped plate fixture. 15: shaped plate fixture. (Clamping irregular PCB board, such as notebook panels) 16: plywood fixture to move the locking screws. </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 5</p><p>(B) the combination of machine parts </p><p> (1) The head of ejector assembly </p><p> (2)shaped plateas sembly fixture. (3) the lower nozzle assembly screw thimble (4) PCB assembly thimble screw. </p><p>(C)of the function of each machine introduction and operation </p><p>precautions </p><p>Step 1: Select to set a good temperature curve. Step two: Select the appropriate hot-air nozzle to the center of the upper and lower temperature zone aligned. See below </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 6</p><p>The third step: the transferred zone on the top position, holding good the bad plate welded to be demolished, the area transferred to the nozzle temperature on the edge of the chip from about a distance of about 3-5MM. </p><p> Transferred to the next zone to withstand the wind the mouth of the thimble lower PCB, pay attention </p><p>to avoid the lower component. Figure: </p><p> Step Four: Press the start button for 2-3 seconds, the machine starts, observe the ball changes, such as a ball can not start the melting temperature to extend the pause button time. </p><p>(D) part of the operating system and machine control functions introduced I. Introduction panel buttons and display contents </p><p>Machine status indication bar </p><p>Curve number field </p><p>Curve Name field </p><p>Run time remaining </p><p>indicator bar </p><p>Curve indicates the current column </p><p>Fan speeding dicator bar Password </p><p>input field / current </p><p>temperature indicator bar </p><p>The first column indicates the set temperature zone </p><p> Run / Pause </p><p> Stop / Exit </p><p> Lights on / off </p><p> Set / confirm key </p><p> Cursor keys X4 </p><p> Parameter display area </p><p>Status indicator </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 7</p><p>1: Introduction display Item column Display content Curve Name field Each curve is representative of the IC with a model </p><p>named user choose to use Curve number field The machine can remember 0-9 a total of ten commonly </p><p>used parameters for the user to choose Machine status indication bar Indicates the current working state machine, a total of </p><p>"Settings", "Run," "pause", "cool", "stop" the five states Column indicates the current </p><p>number of curve segments Displays the current operating curve segment number, including the 1-8 segment elevation and temperature phase </p><p> Run time remaining indicator bar Running time remaining display unit for the second Fan speed indicator bar The current fan speed display, 0-9, were Ten Speed Password input field or the </p><p>current temperature indicator 1: In the set state when the password input field 2: In the running for the first, second, third zone of the measured temperature </p><p> The first column indicates the set temperature zone </p><p>The current time zone of the first set temperature </p><p> Parameter display area The current curve setting parameters, such as rising slope, constant temperature, constant time. </p><p>2: Key Features Item column Press the function key Run / Pause Start or pause the operation of the machine Stop / Exit Stop the machine running or exit setting mode Lights on / off Lights on or off Set / confirm key Enter setup mode or to set parameters to determine </p><p>the Move the cursor / key addition and </p><p>subtraction Move the current cursor position or the current value plus or minus </p><p> Two common operations Functions (I): set and modify parameters For the user to modify the current parameters: such as constant temperature, platform time, the slope of temperature rise, or the curve of the name, you must first set the machine to "set" state, in order to carry out related operations, detailed steps are as follows: A: by (ii) Stop / Exit button, set the machine to "stop" state. B: Press (D) Set / confirm button, setting the machine to: "Set" state. C: the fan speed changes: (can not enter a password) In the "Set" state, if the user only need to modify the fan speed, it can not enter a password, press repeatedly v "right" to move the cursor to fan speed indicator bar, and then (d) Set / confirm button, the cursor so that high bright as then (v) "down key", you can adjust the fan speed. Fan speed of 0-9 were ten, of which 9 is the wind speed maximum, minimum 1, 0 to stop. Prohibit any fan speed set to "0" </p><p>Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)</p><p>http://www.szhonton.commailto:htbga@163.comhttp://www.novapdf.comhttp://www.novapdf.com</p></li><li><p>HONTON www.szhonton.com </p><p>400-6420-299 htbga@163.com 8</p><p>D: curve number modification: (can not enter a password) Machine in the "stop" state, according to (d) to enter the "Settings" state, if the user only needs to modify the current curve number, can not enter a password, according to (v) "the key" to move the cursor to the column curve number, then (iv) Set / confirm button, so when the cursor is highlighted, then (v) "arrow keys" to modify the current curve number. E: Modify the curve parameters (password must be entered before operational) 1: All in the password input box is highlighted, move the cursor by (v) / plus or minus key "up" "down" "left" "right" in the password input box enter the password "123456", then (iv) Set / confirm key, such as password input box displays "OK" indicates that the password entered successfully. Then enter the parameters can be modified, or (iv) and then set / confirm key, repeat steps 1. Until the password is entered successfully. 2: (v) the cursor / subtraction key "up" "down" "left" "right", move the cursor to the need to modify the value of the position, according to (d) Set / confirm button, highlighting the need to modify the value, then Move the cursor by (v) / plus or minus key "on", "next" was changed to the desired value. 3: When a temperature rise of a number of the slope is set to 0, it means the end of the curve. Note: 1: When the screen display when the cursor is half the height of the text, such as, this time can only move the cursor (v) / plus or minus keys to move the cursor position. 2: When the screen shows the cursor is changed to the text height, for example, that the current value of the cursor can be modified. Available at this time (v) the cursor / keys to set the value plus or minus size. (Ii) The operating status of the set A: (i) in the stopped state, press RUN / PAUSE two - three seconds, you can start the machine running, (vi) status indicator "RUN" LED flashes once per second, the machine automatically move the line to set the curve. run remaining time indication bar under the curve parameters, automatically calculate the total run time, and start the countdown, the current curve segment number field has been run to automatically update the number of curve segments, when the "1-8" section of the figure highlighted , this means that the curve in the current number of heating stages, and "segment" is highlighted, then the number of the current temperature in the platform stage. a zone set temperature indicator bar shows the current curve of the set temperature, password input field / current temperature indicator bar shows, in order "first zone" "second zone" "third zone" of the measured the temperature. B: When the curve to run to the final thirty seconds, the machine will automatically issue a warning tone to alert the user, and with the remaining time will be shortened, a warning tone becomes more rapid, run to the end when sounding loudly. Automatic machine to "cool" status, stop heating, cooling fan cooled three minutes and the v...</p></li></ul>


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