Hopelessly Romantic Ideas for Dates

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  • Hopelessly Romantic Ideas for Dates

    Its harder to find the definition of a hopeless romantic than you might imagine since its such acommonly-used term. But very few reputable sources care to define hopeless romantic.Consequently, if you consider yourself a hopeless romantic and somebody disagrees, its unlikely theywill have any verifiable data in their defense. All I can say is if you are seeking a romantic way toimpress your date, then you might not be hopeless, but you are indeed romantic.

    Hopelessly Romantic Date Guys Can Set Up

    *Disclosure: This date works best if you and your girlfriend dont live together. If you do, thats greatand you can still pull it off, but some modifications may be in order.

    Men, you will go down in your girlfriends history books as the most romantic guy of all time if youpull this off. Tell your date that you would like to take her out for dinner and mark your calendar.

  • Heres the secret, you arent actually going to take her out for dinner. But rather you are going tomake a hopelessly romantic dinner for her. And the great thing is; it really doesnt matter what youmake for dinner, although I recommend something more challenging than tater tot casserole andOreos.

    You see, what makes the date hopelessly romantic is that you had the wherewithal in the first placeto come up with the idea, but even more so, that you went to the effort of making it a surprise.Women love it when you surprise them. Not the scare the crap out of you kind of surprise like if youwere to jump out from a dark alley dressed as the silent reaper; but rather the sweet, aww, you didthat for me? kind of way.

    So heres the plan. Two days before you are supposed to take her out, call her and ask if she candrive to dinner since your car has to go in for servicing (and on that note remember to park your carout of site on date night). When she comes to pick you up, answer the door and let the romancebegin!

    Tips on How to Be Hopelessly Romantic During Your DateMake the extra effort to dress nicely ondate night.Present her with flowers when you answer the door.Dont wear too much cologne.Haveromantic music playing in the background (keywords here are romantic music and playing in thebackground)Mood lighting is important. No overhead lights other than in thehttp://www.jinhuamold.com/on-line-relationship-3-actions-toward-becoming-seductive-on-line/kitchen, which should be well lit. Use lamps and romantic candles in all other rooms. Noexceptions.Make certain the bathroom is sparkling clean, check all those places you usuallyhttp://missguidedadventures.com/really-niu-lei-actually-in-this-program-i-was-saying-with-mr-luo-that-we-had-a-strong-desire-to-see-this-fortuitous-outcome/ dont!Make an appetizer, main entre and adessert.Prepare something with a French name such as Coquille St. Jacques, Coq Au Vin, or ChickenCordon http://www.dalianbird.org/if-you-stay-with-her-youll-have-to-live-with-a-few-things/ Bleubecause many women find a French accent super sexy.Do not, under any circumstances, allow herhelp with the dishes. She will want to and she might even insist, but just rinse the dishes and putthem in the sink. Tell her this dinner is your treat and her evening. Even though you will have to dealwith a crusty mess the next day, its worth it for the romance points you will score.If you arrange thisdate, then you really are a hopeless romantic and shes one lucky girl.

    Bon Appetit, Monsieur!

    Hopelessly Romantic Date Girls Can Initiate

    *Disclosure: This date is only romantic if your guy is into sports. Though its hard for most women toimagine that there could be men on the planet who arent into sports, if yours isnt, modifyaccordingly.

    Start out by telling your guy that youve both been invited somewhere and then make up somethingpainful. Spare no mercy here, providing you don't make up something he considers so terrifyinglyboring that he creates a fake illness to get out of it.

    For instance:

    We received an invitation today to attend a couples baby shower at my friend Desirees next Saturdaynight.Oh, Im so excited, Jenny and Rickhttp://www.zhxhome.net/best-10-regulations-for-relationship-at-50-san-francisco-fiftysomething-interactions.htm have invited us to their annual Murder Mystery on the 17th and your part is the Sea


  • Captain. But dont worry; Ill bring your costume!Youll never believe it; I scored two free tickets for uson Friday to attend the Chronology of Lithography exhibit at the Museum of Art.Then, for your realdate, surprise him by doing pretty much anything else and hell think you are everything and all that,but I would suggest something like this:

    Get two tickets for an NHL, MLB, NFL or MBA game andtake him to a sports bar for a burger and beer first.

    Girl you are a hopeless romantic when it comes to yourguy!

    Go Team!!