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INTRODUCTION:The oberoi Group of Hotels was founded by Mr.Rai Bahadur M.S.Oberoi in 1934. The Oberoi hotel is one of the Leading Hotels in the World. The Oberoi group of hotels owns and manages 35 luxury and international & first class hotels in 7 countries. Out of 35 Hotels Five Oberoi Group Hotels are members of 'The Leading Hotels of the World' and eight are members of 'The Leading Small hotels Of the World'. They have two principal brands THE DELUXE OBEROI BRAND THE FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL TRIDENT BRAND. The activities carried out by the Oberoi group of hotels are Airline catering, management of restaurants, bars in airport, tour services, travel services, renting cars, project management. There are about 12 thousand people are working in the Oberoi group of Hotels worldwide. Oberoi group of hotels are the first to employ women in their hotel and first to introduce the in-house laundry. Currently there are about nine Trident hotels in India. They are located in Bare, two places in Mumbai, Agra, Udaipur, Cochin, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Gurgaon, and Jaipur. The Oberoi group of hotels also operates Trident hotels in Jeddah, Saudi Arabian.

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Available at: (Accessed: 11th March 2010)

The OBEROI BANGALORETYPE OF HOTEL: 5 Star Luxury Business Hotels GROUP: ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: FAX: EMAIL: WEB: TRANSPORT: Oberoi Group of Hotel 37-39, Mahatma Gandhi Road - 560 001, Bangalore (India) +91 80 2558 5858 +91 80 2558 5960 [email protected] Airport 38 kms, (1 Hour 30 minutes by Car) Airport 14 kms, (45 minutes by Car) LOCATION: Road. Situated in the heart of the city on Mahatma Gandhi

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BASIS OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEPorters Generic Competitive strategies states that A firms relative position within its industry determines whether a firm's profitability is above or below the industry average. The fundamental basis of above average profitability in the long run is sustainable competitive advantage (Porter, Michael E., 1985)

There are 2 Competitive advantages which firms need to possess: Low cost or Differentiation The above 2 Competitive advantage combines with the scope of firm and gives the 3 Generic strategies. They are 1. Cost Leadership 2. Differentiation 3. Focus

Available at: (Accessed: 10th March 2010) 1. COST LEADERSHIP To gain Cost Leadership, then firm should sell low cost of their products. The Cost Leadership depends upon the structure of the Industry. If the industry gets the Cost Leadership, then it can be the performer in its Industry.

2. DIFFERENTIATION To be differentiated and to be valued by customers then firm should be Unique along some dimensions.

Cost Focus: Firm aims to gain Cost advantage.


Cost Differentiation: Firm aims differentiation. Now I am going to use the Michael Porters Competitive advantage theory for The Oberoi Hotel Bangalore.

Available at: (Accessed: 11th March 2010)

Extraordinary Features of the Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore Hotel is situated in the heart of central city of Bangalore. Easily linked with Whitefield and Electronic City, major IT Business parks at Embassy Golf link. All rooms contains private balcony facing the pool or the garden. Award Winning garden across the hotel for about 2.8 acres. Prize winning Chinese restaurants and Thai restaurants. Good collection of Wine and spirits in Alfresco Bar. Swimming Pool (Outdoor). Business centre (24 Hours) with Wireless Internet Connectivity and Broadband services. Teleconferencing and video conferencing Hall. Doctor Service (24 hours). Butler and room Service (24 hours). Indoor Games. Travel Services (24x7). Airport assistance facility.

COST LEADERSHIP: Following are the prices for 2 person accommodation per night in The Oberoi hotel, Bangalore. Luxury Room King/ Twin Bed With Private Balcony INR 14,500

Premier Room


King/ Twin Bed With Private Balcony & Breakfast INR 16,000

Executive Suite


Breakfast Two ways Airport Transfers Private Balcony INR 22,000

Deluxe Suite


Breakfast Two ways Airport Transfers INR 24,000 Private Balcony

Starting from luxury room to deluxe room, we can see the price difference. So as customers needs the Oberoi hotel has made convenient cost for the customers. Located on MG Road, in the heart of the business and shopping districts of Bangalore, the luxury hotel has an abundance of greenery that is characteristic of the Garden City. And is also the globally renowned centre of Indias software industry. At The Oberoi, Bangalore, all the tastefully appointed rooms overlook landscaped gardens and guests can enjoy cuisine from around the world. The hotel offers impeccable service, understated luxury, fine cuisine and most modern facilities for discerning business travellers. Compared to cost for accommodation with the other Hotels, the cost of accommodation in The Oberoi Hotel Bangalore is cheaper than other same category hotels. The Oberoi hotel has almost all the services like Business service Leisure and other services Travel Desk Services Travel assistance.

Even though the Oberoi hotel, Bangalore is near to the Bangalore Airport and to The Cantonment Railway station the Cost of accommodation is low. The costs mentioned above are comparatively cheap from other hotels. So Oberoi hotel gets a Cost advantage.

Available at: (Accessed: 11th March 2010)

Available at: jpg (Accessed: 11th March 2010)

DIFFERENTIATION:It is the exclusive deluxe hotel of the city which caters to different cliental. As the category in which it falls makes it different from the other star hotels of the town. Bangalore plays a major role in Indias Software industry because; the entire major IT Companies, Whitefield and Electronic City, major IT Business parks at Embassy Golf link are located in Bangalore only. In Bangalore, The Oberoi Hotel is a well known Business hotel. Hotel is situated on the heart of Shopping and Business Zones of Bangalore. It is well known renowned centre of Indias software Industry. The Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore is renowned centre for Indias software Industry. All the business related meeting, business related conference takes place in this hotel only. The business hotel has abundance of greenery, and so called as Garden City. All are well structured rooms with landscaped gardens and guests can enjoy the beauty sitting in the Cuisine.

FACILITIES OFFERED AT OBEROI BANGALORE:There is a wide range of international cuisines are available to the visitors of Oberoi hotel, Bangalore. There are about 3 Top class restaurants available. They are

Le Jardino The speciality of the Le Jardin, serves breakfast and a wide varieties of Indian and Western Cuisines. o It is a 24 hour restaurants with a rotating myriad of theme nights.

Szechwan courto With Cantonese specialities, the Szechwan court offers an authentic Chinese Szechwan style food for dining. o It is Oberois award winning restaurant.

Rim Naamo The Oberois special Thai restaurant with the alfresco setting. o For lunch its perfect choice with Unique and one and only Flavour of Thailand.

THE EXCLUSIVE BAR AT OBEROI HOTEL BANGALORE:The Polo Club is the Bar available in Oberoi, Bangalore. It is a unique bar with both indoor and outdoor seating. The bar and dining area are open from morning 10am to night 11pm. Both Indoor and Outdoor seating are available. Outdoor seating is located overlooking the lush garden. So people can meet friends or colleagues for a fine cocktail or for an informal drink.

MANAGEMENT OF GREEN ISSUESThe environmental problem such as destruction of rain forest, global warming and Ozone depletion are the high priority problem for people in real life. Changes in the external structure and environment of the firm will definitely change the internal environment of that firm. External environmental design policy should be made in way in which it should not make the ecological damage. Climate change is the main problem existing in reality. It cannot be solved by one people alone. All the people in the world should join together and solve this problem. Now some how star hotels have taken some action against the climate change problem and to reduce carbon footprints and to protect the world environment. The various green strategies that Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore has implemented are

GO ORGANIC: The Oberoi hotel, Bangalore has implemented organic gardening across the hotel. Award Winning garden across the hotel for about 2.8 acres. The dried leaves which is falling from trees are collected and mixed equal proportion with sand and soil and used as the manure for other plants and trees. To safeguard plants from insects pesticides such as neem cake and herbal pesticides are used. The fruit skin, fruit peel, vegetables are collected from kitchen and they are fragmented and then converted into the organic manure and these manure is fed to the plants which are inside the hotel premises as periodic basis. All rooms private balcony has a small garden all over it.


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