How can help your child succeed in middle school?.

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  • How canhelpyour child succeed in middle school?

  • getting to schoolgetting around in school

  • Keeping up with the school daychoosing coursesschedule for the daylockersafter-school activities

  • School safetyrespect for diversityschool rulesgetting to and from school

  • Study timeUse an assignment book.Provide a space for homework.Make a designated study time. Set realistic rules. Show respect for studying.

  • Managing big projectsBreak it down.Plan the work.Stay on schedule.

  • Plan for success.

  • Your child still needs you to be involved at school.Stay in contact with school staff.Attend events.Volunteer.

  • Team up with teachers!Regular contact emailSchool website Two-way communicationInfinite Campus

  • Older children still need rules.Set age-appropriate rules.Get your child involved.Follow through.

  • Good friends are allies on your childs side.Think about what makes a good friend.Build friendships on common values and interests.Make time for friends.

  • When the pressures onskipping schoolsmokingsexalcohol and other drugs

  • Talking tipsAsk questions.Listen more than you talk.Focus on the positive.

  • In SummaryCan you help me find my locker?Who should I ask for help?I cant find my assignment?What are my talents and hobbies?Can you email my teacher?Why cant I go to her house?Mom, can I talk to you?

    essure. Parents can offer suggestions for what to say, such as, No, thanks, cigarettes are nasty, or Im in training.Or, if they dont want to sound like they are rejecting their friends, they can say, I need to think about it. This can buy him or her time, and the immediate pressure of the situation will eventually disappear. Similarly, kids should know they dont have to say anythingthey can just walk away. [AX8-9, AZ73, Y2, X78-81,86-7]SourcesGrowing Up Drug-Free: A Parents Guide to Prevention, U.S. Department of Education/Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program. 1998.Schaefer and DiGeronimo, How to Talk to Teens About Really Important Things. 1999.

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