How did the cat lake people hunt and gather?

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How did the cat lake people hunt and gather?. By: Liam Simpson. What did they hunt and why?. The Cat L ake people hunted because - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How did the cat lake people hunt?

How did the cat lake people hunt and gather?By: Liam SimpsonWhat did they hunt and why?The Cat Lake people hunted because

During cold winter months the ground would be covered with snow and the lake would be frozen over. So they were forced to trap and hunt. They also hunted and fished in the summer.Animals they hunted and trapped wereRaccoon, bear, squirrel, beaver, moose, seal, caribou, whale

Weapons they used wereClubsSpears

Bow and arrow

These are the animals they hunted

Some of the traps they used wereTrap

Snares Deadfalls

GatheringWhile hunting the hunters would also gather. Some of the berries and plants they would gather in the summer were

Black berries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, wild rice, roots and nuts lots of nuts.

Pictures of the berries and plants

This is a video of how the cat lake people would have trapped birdsThe moral of the story isdo not use more from the eco system than you need.


Thank you, hope you enjoyed my presentation!