How do i bust some sweet moves

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  • 1. Loosen your bones to the rhythm of the music!

2. C: Frontal (head banging) CB: Parietal(head side nod) BD: TemporalG: Nasal (bad singers)( ear bud surroundings)D GE: Ethmoid (Pink Floyd) IE F N: Inferior Nasal Concha K F: Sphenoid (Eye of the Tiger) (interval natural concerto) NH: Vomer (Vox) HI: Lacrimal (lack talent) K: Palatine (Bullet for my Valentine) MM: Mandible (Mandolin) 3. A: Occipital (back track)ARJ J: Zygomatic ( ZZ Top) LR: Malleus, Incus, Stapes (We 3 Kings)L: Maxilla (max volume) 4. True ribs(7 oneach side)areconsideredtrue becausethey connectdirectly to the Floating ribs(2sternum.on each side)are consideredFalse ribs(5 on floatingeach side)because theyare brokenare notdown into 2 connected tocatagories: the sternum injust false andany way, theyfloating. are onlyconnected toFalse ribs(3 on each side) are considered false the spinalbecause they are just connected to the costal column.cartilage not the sternum itself. 5. ClavicleScapula- Spine, arcromium Humerous- Head, neck, greaterprocess, borders, supraspinus tubercle, intertubercular groovefossa, subscapular fossa.Radius- Head, radial tuberosity.Ulna- Olecrannon process,coronoid process, semilunarnotch, radial notch. 6. Trapezoid ScaphoiCapitatedLunate Trapezium Hamate Metacarpals TriquetrumI PisiformDistal Phalanges II VI IIlIVMetacarpals II VIIl Proximal PhalangesIVIIV Proximal PhalangesIIlIV 7. Anterior superior iliac spine Posterior Superior iliac spineAnterior inferior iliac spinePubic tuberosity Posterior inferior iliac spineGreater Sciatic Notch Ishial tuberosity