How do I make my rubber duck spin?

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How do I make my rubber duck spin?. Creativity and learning in Second Life Judy Robertson and Nicole Cargill-Kipar. Nicole Cargill-Kipar Second Life name: Khaythora Kirax. Dr Judy Robertson Second Life name: Jxr Greenwood. Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>How do I make my rubber duck spin?Creativity and learning in Second LifeJudy Robertson and Nicole Cargill-Kipar</p></li><li><p>Dr Judy Life name: Jxr Greenwood</p><p>Nicole Life name: Khaythora Kirax</p></li><li><p>OverviewA bit about Second LifeA bit about my moduleSupporting creativity on my module with Second LifeGroup work in SLShould you use SL for teaching?</p></li><li><p>What is Second Life anyway?Its a massively multiplayer immersive 3D virtual environment(Not a game)Population: 11,175,710 (Nov 2007)Total hours spent: 24,625,902 (Nov 2007)Represents the intersection of user generated content, social networking and 3D worldsThriving arts and educational communitiesGrowing business opportunities</p></li><li><p>I hope you have some good theoretical motivations for all this nonsenseSure I do!ConstructionismHard funPlus 4 years empirical data on computer game authoring Ask them about Curriculum for Excellence at the end</p></li><li><p>Multimedia Design Module4th year Computer Science/Information Technology/MEng students (~35)MSc students in CS (from a range of degrees (~35)Very mixed range of backgroundsPrevious version of module was out of date with a failing averageLast year the assignment was to make a film- not enough computer scienceStudents finish their assignment today not yet marked!</p></li><li><p>The visionStudents will terraform the HeriotWatt Second Life island?</p></li><li><p>Assessment: 100% courseworkSubmit an individual portfolio containing:An area of land in the Heriot-Watt Second Life island (group work) (25%);A multimedia tutorial to help other students learn about Second Life (25%);A fun interactive Second Life exhibit for visitors to the Heriot-Watt island (25%);A learning log (15%).A review of other students multimedia work (10%);</p></li><li><p>Research dataWe will publish this study, but are currently still collecting data.QuestionnairesInterviewsLearning logsArtefacts on islandParticipant observer notesThis is exploratory work</p></li><li><p>Second Life DemoStop talking and show us!Can I spin now?</p></li><li><p>Supporting creativityWe was robbed! You said this talk was about creativity</p></li><li><p>Group work in SLGroup work in Second Life and the idea of SelfPilot studyWork in progress data has not been analysed yet, just a dip into it for todays talk not all interviews have been conducted yet</p></li><li><p>and the Undecided</p></li><li><p>The Weird</p></li><li><p>I had taken a snapshot from earlier lab sessions where we had a group meeting in second life discussing things related to the group portfolio.</p></li><li><p>Our group got together about a week ago and we started throwing ideas about.</p></li><li><p>Unlike most of my friends, I don't know any of my group members, which will probably make it more interesting. Now, what's most ironic is that I have actually met two of them in Second Life already, but I have no idea who they are in real life. It would be quite interesting if the whole work was done without us ever meeting face-to-face :)) (we're meeting next Monday in person :))</p></li><li><p>I dont like impersonations of real life into the digital world. Because of that in particular I didnt enjoy Second Life too much. I didnt modify my avatar or anything else, I just worked on the assignment. </p></li><li><p>The Good</p></li><li><p>The group worked as single entity during the weekend, through meetings conducted in the Second Life environment []. It was an remarkable effort what everyone did, as we agreed to split all the work among the four of us to have something we can proudly present during the Oscar event that will take place the following Monday.</p></li><li><p>The teamwork spirit was greatly exposed as we were working along the portfolio, which was by itself an experience worth all the efforts spent up the moment.</p></li><li><p>During lab time, one of my colleagues asked for my help in order to overcome a problem he was having in his script. I thought sharing the experience would be of great benefit which might be added to an error knowledge base later on.</p></li><li><p>So it is not a matter of criticising only, but a constructive way to have your project baby get accepted by the public after all. I was personally evaluated by two of my class colleagues []. The comments were all valid since they were truly touching some missing bits and pieces of my design. </p></li><li><p>The Bad</p></li><li><p>The group are still not pulling their weight unfortunately.I've built everything else, so I'm a little overworked and disappointed by the amount of effort the others have put in.I asked [my group member] if he was planning on doing any more work before we submit and he replied with the mantra he has been slavering all term. "I can do whatever you want me to do / You tell me what to do, and I'll do it".I wish he would use some initiative. I'm not his parent or minder!</p></li><li><p>All the member agreed with all the suggestion that I made. Seems that I'm the one who make all the think. I'm just hoping of some ideas from them as this is a team work. I might have to say that working in group this time really tough. I don't mind being the group anchor and being the one who generates the idea. Although I have explained what should be put to fit the concept still they are relying on me of everything.</p></li><li><p>We had some bigger issues when somebody actually started building and never removed their stuff in our land. Another group member encountered that problem. He actually received quite hostile behaviour from the intruders, so to say. [] So I guess people toughen up in virtual life.</p></li><li><p>I wonder if I had spoken to them face-to-face .. would they react in the same way ...</p></li><li><p>The Undecided</p></li><li><p>I havent met avatars when they were building something for my group, we always worked at different times.</p></li><li><p>Other group work that we had to do everything had to be really tightly interconnected in order to make sense. Whereas in Second Life [] Although we had a common theme each person could express their individual views on that.</p></li><li><p>I remember in the beginning one of the [neighbour groups] just made complete terraforming changes to their land and when we logged in next time what we planned to put on that side no longer possible. Initially it was flat and the next time it was a huge cliff.</p></li><li><p>Benefits of Group work in SLIndividual work needs to gel together to form a coherent pieceChance to express oneselfGroup meetings can take on a more immersive dimensionNegotiation skills are required to a greater extentCreative process might be guided by external influences</p></li><li><p>What do you think?Well? ???</p></li><li><p>Should you use Second Life?YES if you are teaching programming</p><p>YES if you want to / need to use simulations</p><p>YES if youre fostering creativity or design skills</p><p>NO if its just going to be a virtual lecture theatreYES if you want to explore immersion</p></li><li><p>Any questions?www.judyrobertson.typepad.comflexiblelearning.wordpress.comAsk now for practical tips!Wish Nicole a happy birthday!</p><p>*Constructionism: Paperts notion of learning through buildingHard fun: Kafai (1995) intense concentration coupled with passion"</p><p>Emphasise that peer collaboration was seen by Cropley to come at end.Think of questions Ran and his rubber ducky!*In this case, lets start with the Weird and we do have to add the undecided, depending on the point of viewNote: avatar of one of the students, Freebie skin for film 300.Ever done any group work with a gnome, a transformer, an angel with spiral attached through his body, a Sci-Fi urban soldier, a Spartan warrior or a lady in evening dress? No? You obviously havent worked in Second Life yet.And, of course, what about a dragon or a wolf or fox?February 22nd (the well functioning group, Hani)A wolf, an angel with spiral through the body, and street-cred with Iroquois6th February (note: Mira Dumpling later on changes into the Sci-Fi soldier look)A transvestite gnome as group member? Why not.Interview:I feel a lot more comfortable interacting with avatars where I know whom they belong to. [] It does make a difference to me, even just to make a joke, chatting with them, I know who they are and how they might react to what I say.Learning Log 23rd January (Miro)And on the other hand we have this, which could be classified as bad, if the student had not accepted that he needed the sock puppet to work on the assignment.(interview)When I think of the avatar it is definitely not I, because as I said I dont want to see myself in a digital world. The closest Ive come is playing first person shooter games but only for the purpose of having fun not anything more than that. So thats why I refer to my avatar as it, because its something on the computer that could be referred to as a puppet.Note: this is another students avatar, who did go to great lengths to customise his to look like himselfParticipant observation: groupwork in labs, especially the one of 2 F2F and 1 in other room in SL, and 2 in lab and 1 at home. Groupwork done F2F, where pure discussion took place, later on the need for F2F seemed to get less.Interviews: More individuality expressed in groupwork. Depending on our point of view is this good or bad?GOOOOD! JR9th March (Hani) Learning LogBelow is a snapshot taken for one of the group's meeting, luckily with Judy as well........ Could also point out the Alex is a distance learning student who lives in Dundee and only comes to some classes.9th March (Hani) Learning LogPeer supportHani, 7th March, Learning Log</p><p>Peer reviewHani, 1st March, Learning Log</p><p>Notes to self:Logs: the usual problem of unbalanced work commitment. No differentInterviews: the same as in on the edge (note to self; need duckie on the edge?)The usual problems of not everyone pulling the same weightLearning log, 3rd March (with records throughout the module of the same student and the same problem)Now the student knows what the lecturer feels like! JRAnd of not everyone chipping into the decision making processWan Wan Ahmad, end of February, Learning LogNote: participant observation of this group, even facilitation was not very successful.Interview:(disinhibition effect?)The Berlin Wall 6th FebruaryRude neighboursWe quite liked the idea of mono-rail and therefore we approached few people. They liked, so we thought we'll give it a shot. So I went ahead and talked to our next door neighbours ... and after a polite question, I got a one word answer. NO!. So I tried to ask why and I was sent to appropriate places. Rage that I encountered was similar to when the real life struggle with neighbours ... It is similar situation like having bad neighbours in real life ... it's a pity...Anyways, there went our mono-rail idea (reverted back to the game house) ....The Berlin WallSo, our neighbours obviously were not only rude, they obviously needed total privacy and sealed off their parcel. Not only that, they build a giant wall all round it .. a bit like the Berlin wall .. :) So ... it's sad, we thought our neighbours will be our friends ... and instead of that they isolated us .... Dear God, what is wrong with my students? JRUndecided, because (interview)This group mostly interacted in person.Note: could have met more in SL but didnt. Potential and how to harness. If we believe we should harness.</p><p>Haha, this is what I was aiming for when I set the assignment. JR(interview)one of the benefits with any other piece of groupwork was to get people to work together and produce something nice in the end. I thought that a lot of the groups really put in some effort as we saw in the Oscar nominations there was some pretty impressive stuff. I think that this group division of the whole island worked out pretty well.</p><p>Maybe other group work that we had to do [] we always had come in team and everything had to be really tightly interconnected in order to make sense. Whereas in Second Life as long as we agreed on the common topic of the group area each member could express their own views on [the theme]. Although we had a common theme each person could express their individual views on that.(interview)More challenging just keeping out piece of land to ourselves.Judy in the beginning said before terraforming our area we should negotiate changes with neighbour groups but that never happened.Note: negotiation skills, this is why it is in undecidedNote the rubber duck family JRNote: we have seen the cocktail jugs and the games parlourNote: external influences, see Miro and Todor and when the groups had to change their idea because of others terraforming or refusal to negotiateI would add here YES if you want to look into uses in distance learning and if you want to research the possibilities of deeper immersion than pure text based synchronous communication (with less words in the bubble, obviously and I am happy to mention that one if that makes more sense)</p></li></ul>