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  • 1. How effective is the combination of your main product andancillary texts?

2. Existing promotion packagesIn both of these promotion packages for the filmAvatar there are a number of common features.Colour: blues and blacks are used, this highlightsthe skin colour of the characters and immediatelyinvites potential audiences into the out of thisworld (almost alien/space-like) setting.Another iconic feature in both the film poster andthe magazine cover is the large pale-green eyesof the characters. The largeness of their eyescould be interpreted as the innocence andvulnerability to a situation that takes place withinin the film; in this case this was the deforestationand destruction of the creatures home and world.For the The rise of the planetof the apes the most iconicfeature is the use of font andthe positioning of the words asit is always consistent. 3. Consistent style The slogan for the film is used in boththe film poster and the trailer, thismaking it more iconic and instantlyrecognizable. We used the same female characterthroughout our promotion package (filmposter, trailer and magazine cover). The main character is always displayedwearing the colour pink in each poster,indicating that the film is mainly targetedat females. 4. Magazine promotion The magazine is able to give an insight into the content of the film. Our cover automatically reveals that the genre of our film is a teen- comedy. However, there it is not completely obvious that it is a parody but this is helped through the use of our trailer. We have challenged typical independent film promotion techniques by choosing to promote our film on the cover of a mainstream film magazine however this will help promote the film on a larger scale. 5. Other independent films that aredisplayed in a mainstreamway... 6. Poster The singers included in the poster areused as an USP (unique selling point). Soundtrack information suchas the musicartists helps to indicate at the genre of the filmand is typically included indance dramafilm posters. 7. Web... As well as using our trailer to offer a visualpromotion of our film, we also decided toinclude a facebook and twitter fan page forour film to broaden the awareness of thefilm. 8. Example of a film that uses socialnetworking sites to help promote it and widen its fan base