How i built up my magazine front cover

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<p> 1. How I built up my magazine front cover to create my finished product. 2. How I created my coverimage and then used it asa background 3. Step 1). Start with the cover image.Step 2). Add the magazine title. 4. Step 3). Edit the brightness/contrast andhue/saturation.Step 4). Place the original photo over theedited image and then using a soft rubbererase the image until it leaves the model. 5. Step 5). Change the hue/saturation so that this layer has a nice colour on the models lips.Step 6). Add another layer of the originalimage and erase everything apart from themodel. Then carefully use the eraser to getrid of the original lips, and allow the editedlips to show through. 6. Now that I had mybackground and cover imagesorted it was easy to add thecover lines and minor details to the cover. 7. Insert the Add text andstrap and images to theother detail. strap to complete it.Add the maincover line andedit thecolours to To finish offmake sure it the magazinelooks good onadd the restthe cover. of the cover lines, barcode and date. 8. Finished product</p>