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<ul><li> 1. LESSON 4HOW READY ARE YOU? For the PSAT and SAT</li></ul> <p> 2. POST-ASSESSMENT1. Make sure you remembered to put your name, English Teacher, and Day/Mod on the front of the PSAT booklet2. Turn to pg. 21 of the Practice PSAT booklet (an insert)3. You will have 10 minutes to examine questions 21-28 and determine the best strategy to use for solving the problem. Write the strategy next to each question.4. Now you will have 10 minutes to answer these questions. Transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet on pg. 3 of the Practice PSAT booklet (insert) 3. SELF CHECKCheck your solutions to the problems. (Section 4)21. B Geometry22. B Number &amp; Operations23. D Probability &amp; Statistics24. E Number &amp; Operations25. D Geometry26. A Algebra/Functions27. C Algebra/Functions28. A Algebra/FunctionsHow have you improved from the pre-assessment? Did you do better inthe areas which you struggled before? What can you do from now on tocontinue preparing for the PSAT/SAT?</p>


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