How To Attract A Sagittarius Woman

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  • How To Attract A Sagittarius Woman

    Learn more about these three "innocent" phrases, and what they truly say about the man whospeaks them.

    Keep these special techniques under consideration when you hook up with that special someone. Aslong as you stay abreast to Spanish dating rules you won't be caught off guard. From school andcollege, to pretty much any place you hang out at too often, a guy can check you out and like youover time. Let's find out what signs he's portraying for you to decipher. Does he love having lunchwith you everyday or as often as he possibly can? Guys want to be vague about it, but it's prettyclear that he'd rather have all that free time with you instead. He'll suggest that you wear aparticular outfit again because you looked your prettiest/hottest in it, for that is how he envisionsyou.

    The nail-hitting question that a lot of guysask if they want to think of you as apossible girlfriend, is whether you'resingle or not. He'll ask you out on randomoutings that are casual but are in fact hisway of having you alone with him. Itcould be at the movies or a junk foodjoint. He isn't afraid to stand up for you ifyou're the subject of bullying or trouble,since his protective nature comes forthwhen he really likes someone.

    People he knows well start to tease him when you're within earshot; overhearing these commentsshould peak your interest. When talking, maintain the eye contact too but not for too long. As ageneral rule of thumb, maintain eye contact 70% of the time. Here are some of the signs, gestures,facial expressions and overall body language of a man in love. These include all the stages - from theinitial to the advanced.

  • I was given this project as a part of mypsychology major where I had to study humanbehavior in a natural environment. I remembersitting at a cafe that afternoon when the projectwas announced and mulling over what I'd takeup. As I sipped my already tepid coffee, I noticedthis really fidgety guy across the table. He wouldjust not settle down. He was restless, andfrankly, a little annoying because of that. He keptshaking his legs and playing with his hair and hisfork sure did fall down an awful lot, which he then promptly got up to retrieve. I would've justshifted tables, but then I saw that his gaze was fixed at something in between the times he carriedon with all these (planned) shenanigans. And that 'something' was a girl.

    When a guy is in love and in the company of his lady love, his eyebrows will be raised when he firstnotices her and continue to remain slightly raised throughout the time that he's with her. Hisdemeanor will always be pleasant, always smiling and cheerful. His eyes will light up and his cheekswill flush. This is done unconsciously to put her at ease. His lips will become slightly flushed andtake on a red tinge. If he touches his lips or runs his tongue over them often, it is an unconscioussign of what he wants her to do with them. His whole manner will be that of interest. He will hold onto every word she says. His shoulders, knees and toes will all be pointed towards her.

    He will be in her periphery of vision at all times; constantly hovering around her and doing things toget her attention. He will sit with his legs apart or fix his fingers into the pockets to better show hismanliness. It's an innate need to show that he's well endowed so that women choose him. She willlean in closer to the man as he talks. This is to show that she's interested in listening to what he'ssaying. In an effort to subconsciously show off the curve of her body, she may lean against

  • something like a wall or a chair. The building reminded me of the old 1920s gas station that I hadseen down the road in Rancho Cucamonga.

    Her palms will be wide open if she's into a guy. Open palms means she's letting the guy in. Palmsthat have been turned into fists is a bad sign. Her facial expressions will always show her smile - hereyes will twinkle and she'll settle in for a tilted head pose. She will keep touching her face, neck andhair from time to time. This is a subconscious way of getting the guy's attention there. She willsmooth her hair and clothes quite often around the guy she loves. This is her way of being neat sothat he's not put off by her appearance. She will pull her hair aside and expose her neck. This showsthat she is vulnerable around him and does not mind putting her guard down when she's with him.