How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques

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  • 1. How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home BusinessUsing Online TechniquesFollowing on from the offline techniques for attracting leads to yourbusiness where we explored the traditional offline ways home business owners advertise theirbusinesses and generate leads today we want to look at the huge variety of ways you canmarket your home business online.These techniques work regardless of the type of home business you operate be it as aplumber, roofer, accountant, craft maker, information marketer, writer, or whatever else youwant to add to the list. The Internet has opened up so many ways of finding and communicatingwith our potential customers that, in my opinion, business owners are crazy if they are not takingadvantage of this medium to promote their products and services.The list below is not everything you can try, but its a fairly comprehensive list to give you agreat idea of what options you have to generate leads for your work at home business.Social Media The current trend online is social media. Everyone and their mother (and theirhusband, wife, daughter, father, son, aunt, uncle, and even some pets) have a social mediaaccount on one of the major networks. How many people do you know that dont have aFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, or Pinterest account? The only people i know who dont areusually under the age of 10, or are grandparents! Facebook has something like 900 Millionregistered users and where there are so many people gathered together, you can guaranteeyou will find the marketing department of every major brand. Home business owners are nodifferent.One serious advantage social media sites have over offline methods is that they alreadycategorize their users in one way or another. The site itself might be specific to a hobby, orthere may be groups within the site dedicated to different hobbies and activities. In the case ofsites like Facebook users get to list all of their interests and likes, along with their demographicinformation (location, gender, age, marital status, and so on) and Facebook allows you to tapinto that information to target ads.When you control your own groups on sites like Facebook you also gain the means tocommunicate directly with members of your group much like you do from collecting contactinformation. At this point you have turned your group into prospects for your business.A Blog / Website Show me a major brand or business that doesnt have a website or a blog 1/3

2. on the Internet, i dare you to find one. Small business owners like us working from homeshouldnt be any different. A website allows you to demonstrate your expertize on a subject forthe world to see, and in most cases they are permanent. Unlike a newspaper classified, or tvbroadcast, your website stays put. You can attract people to see your website or blogcontinually safe in the knowledge that your awesome content will always be there for them.Capturing leads via an email opt-in form on your website is the best way to build your business.Article Directory Marketing Most people refer to this as article marketing, but i consider thatan entirely different promotion model. Article directory marketing is simply the process of writingand submitting articles to article directories in order to gain a backlink to your website, and toearn traffic as well. Those people reading your article should be encouraged to click through toyour website with a strong call-to-action, and from there opt-in to your mailing list, thereforebecoming a prospect you can follow up with.Article Syndication Marketing This is the process of writing awesome high quality,informative or entertaining articles relevant to your business and then syndicating that contentacross multiple outlets and publishers. This is a strategy that will take time to build into anythingmeaningful because your writing has to be worth syndication, and you have to find syndicationpartners willing to use your article and attribute it back to you. Over time however, this strategyis very much scalable, works for pretty much any business model or niche you care to nameand can generate a massive amount of traffic and leads for your business. Imagine the impactof your article being included in a newsletter with 10,000 active readers? Then imagine thatsame article going out to 3 or even 5 similar sized lists. Imagine how many leads you mightattract from that sort of exposureSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) This is the practice of creating web content and thenworking to promote it such that it appears at the top of the search engine pages for a givensearch phrase. When people search, say in Google or Bing, and your result comes in at the topof the page you will get visitors to your website. How many visitors depends on a number offactors, some of which are how many people are searching for that exact search phrase, atwhich number you show up in the search engine results, and how appealing your website looksto the reader in the search results (not the same thing as how good your website looks whenyou are viewing it).There are many ways to boost your rankings, however most of these are considered in violationof terms with the search engines and you can be penalized for doing them if you get caught, orwhen the algorithms that determine search results change and something you were dong nowhas no effect.The goal here is to attract visitors to your website, and then to encourage them to opt-in to youremail list so that you can follow up with them repeatedly over time.Blog Commenting Widely used as a spam technique to promote a website and boost itsrankings (which really doesnt work anymore) the value of this technique for generating leads isoften overlooked. By adding value to the original blog post by extending the discussion,offering your own viewpoint, earnestly debating a point made in the post, or some other form of 2/3 3. adding value to the discussion, you can attract people to want to check out your own website or your own article on a similar subject and from there you can attempt to capture their email address and get them onto your mailing list. As a home business owner, you are going to want to find blogs highly relevant to your business that are already getting a good amount of traffic that you can tap into. Forum Marketing the premise behind forum marketing is the same as with blog comments. By being an active member of the community, by being helpful and answering questions, asking questions, offering opinions and so on, you can easily establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. When people see you continually providing value on the forum they will become curious to learn more about you and often follow your profile back to your website, where again you will attempt to collect their contact information. YouTube / Videos The more senses you can include in your communication with others, the more able to are to sway their decision making process. Only using a single sense at a time limits how much influence you can wield over others. A video allows you to potentially combine text, images, and speech all rolled into one. A video of you giving a review is far more persuasive than an article you wrote, for example. The video allows you to make proper use of body language and facial expressions, in addition to adding your voice to the mix. videos make for a powerful lead generation tool because they allow people to connect with you on more than just an impression they have of you form something you wrote. Being able to see someone tends to add credibility to the message, and using subtle psychological triggers in your body language, the colors around you, and even the location you make the video, you are able to influence your viewer to take the action you desire them to. In our case the action will be to click a link and visit our opt-in page. Part 1: How to Take Complete Strangers and Convert Them Into Life-time Customers Part 2: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Face To Face Marketing Offline Part 3: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Remote Marketing Offline Part 4: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques Part 5: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques Continued3/3Powered by TCPDF (