How To Clean Your Water Heater

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<ul><li><p>How To Clean Your Water Heater</p><p>My hot water heater is letting off a awful odor. I keep changing the water filter and it don't help isthere anything I can use to clean it. After looking around, I learned I've seen other answererson here say your water heater anode rod can cause smells. In fact, I've wondered how thiscould be, and I just looked it up online, here is what one company (who admittedly sellsreplacement anode rods) says, it sounds kind of murky to me but this might apply: "magnesiumanode rods can cause odors. The cause of odor in a water heater in many cases is caused bybacteria. That bacteria in most cases is harmless but loves the hot water environment as well assome anode rod material (usually magnesium). Changing a magnesium anode rod to either ofthe types that we offer might get rid of the problem. Because there are so many factors we cannot guarantee that the odor will be eliminated but if you have no odor on the cold side of afaucet and only the warm side generally (not 100%) replacing a magnesium anode rod with oneof ours will solve the problem. Some water heater manufacturers' claim that softened watercauses the problems. We have a hard time believing that. Removal of the bacteria will alsosolve the odor problem. Sanitizing the water heater (with safe levels of bleach, etc), willeliminate the odor but only for a variable (relatively short) length of time. A trace amount of H2Sgas in the water is another cause of hot water odor but removal of the anode rod will not curethat odor problem. " So. . If your water heater has been in use a while, and the problem justcame on, it could be your anode rod needs replaced. Many people would probably choose thatas a good time to just replace the water heater, instead.</p><p>Watch as John does annual maintenance on his two electric water heaters.</p><p>About The Author</p><p>Author: Charles S, Copyright 2012, Yahoo Answers</p><p>Additional Links: read more about plumbing, Phoenix Bee Removal Pros, read more on acrepair, East Valley Garage Door Pros,, home improvement, Visit</p><p>Our Website, Chicago commercial plumbing, garage door repair,</p><p>How To Clean Your Water Heater</p><p>Powered by TCPDF (</p><p> 1 / 1</p><p></p></li></ul>