How to Draw Cartoon Gage

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A how to draw cartoon book written by Poppy (David Keller) for his grandson Gage


<p>How to Draw Cartoon GageBy Poppy (David Keller)</p> <p>Cartoon Gage CG is a cartoon based on a very real boy, my grandson Gage Woodrome. Gage loves to draw cartoons, so Poppy decided that it would be cool to give Gage a very big selection of pens, pencils, markers, pads of paper and a portfolio to keep his cartoons in. Beginners books on cartooning were also given to him as his Special Davy Christmas present.</p> <p>I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought it would be fun to create a character that Gage could start drawing as his first cartoon with his Christmas presents.</p> <p>So, Gage Lets get started.</p> <p>Cartoon Gage or CG as we will call him starts out as an oval shape that is sort of triangular. Draw the oval with a pencil.</p> <p>Draw very light layout lines with a pencil. They should be very light because you will be erasing the lines after the cartoon has been inked. Everything that you are drawing in pencil will be erased after the cartoon is finished.</p> <p>CG will have Cartoon Eyes that should be easy to draw with a bit of practice.</p> <p>I think he needs silly round ears, you can experiment with the size of the ears to make CG funnier, or you can keep them normal sized so he will look more like an action hero.</p> <p>CG is an action hero, but he does have a few problems that he just cant seem to fix. It seems that Gage, I mean CG has problems keeping his glasses on straight. CG should always be drawn with his glasses askew. If CG has been in a fight, or running or saving a damsel in distress, his glasses can be drawn even more crooked.</p> <p>CGs mouth should always be drawn with a grin and a smirk. His smile is also a bit crooked and his lips are thin.</p> <p>CG has a very modern fauxhawk haircut, which really looks good on an action hero.</p> <p>CG is looking pretty good, so it is now time to ink him in. We will trace over all of the lines that we need very carefully and erase the layout lines.</p> <p>CG sure looks like a funny Action Hero to me, but he needs to be cleaned up a bit with an eraser.</p>