How to Find Love or Your Soulmate

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  • 1. How to Find Love or Find Your SoulmateWE all want to love and be loved. Deep down, even those people who appearangry and hurt, decided theyll never love again, or just show no interest in findinga soulmate or love, truly need it and want it. They just dont want the pain, sadnessand upset that seems to go hand in hand with it.The question is how do you find a special love? And once youve found it, how doyou hold onto it? It all begins with YOU and the image you see of YOUR-self.Having self-confidence goes a long way to seeing yourself as someone special,someone who is smart and generally happy. Every time you feel positive aboutyou, you draw the positive from others. So likewise loving you, for you,immediately draws love from others to you.When you feel good about who you are, you immediately carry yourself different,with an air of confidence that immediately will draw likeminded people to you. Ifyou walk, skulking, sad or generally just feeling down about yourself, you repel thebeautiful folk from you and attract those negative people who will ultimately dragyou down further. The saying "like for like" is never more relevant than how youperceive yourself everyday, especially when looking for that special someone!Up your speak and thoughts!
  • 2. How many times have you thought or said to a friend or family member "Ill nevermeet anyone, theres no one out there for me", "no one ever asks me out" or "allthe good ones are taken"? Putting energy into a negative thought or saying willgive you much more of the same, because ultimately you send out the self samemessage as you think. You might as well be walking around with a placard tied toyou stating "dont ask me out, because no one ever has"... off putting to say theleast!Up your speak and thoughts by thinking / saying / doing the following:Look in a mirror and say... I am filled with the power of love and attraction and I give thanks for all the love in my life; and/or I am confident, self-assured, and special. People are attracted to me. I am loved and appreciated. There is no fear of rejection around me; and/or I invite my soul mate to come into my life now. I am ready to embrace you with an open heart, mind, body and soul and I am thankful for your presence and love.
  • 3. Keep a Rhodochrosite crystal by your bedside. Each night and morning, hold the crystal to your heart and say the following: "I wish to openly receive love from someone special or my soulmate; As I give love so shall I receive love... This is my wish and I am forever grateful". Keeping a Rose Quartz tumble stone in your pocket, bag or anywhere it feels comfortable continues your affirmation during your day. Hold it regularly throughout the day, reminding your-self why its there. Say to yourself each time you hold it "I love myself, I am loved by all and I draw on those who love me to come forward in love".
  • 4. Know that Gratitude plays an enormous part in drawing what we need to us. Youare loved always in many ways and by showing gratitude for such love will keeplove flowing to you.Falling in love or having someone very special in ones life can transform our verybeing and, believe it or not, loving your-self is the biggest transformation, startingyou on a journey to finding your true love or soulmate.All relationships, positive or negative, are gifts and should be viewed as such.Each and every one of us possesses unique gifts that, when shared, help us allgrow spiritually. Never believe in coincidence, everyone you meet has a purposein your life, some more than others, but all others, serving nonetheless.Your love or soulmate is definitely out there waiting for you. Its just a matter offinding him/her. So start with loving yourself first and foremost, this in turn willbring a more confident you into the world and your aura will generate the glow thatwill attract that special person to you. You may still need "to kiss a few frogs beforeyou get the Prince" metaphorically speaking, but once youve mastered lovingyourself, the rest will just happen naturally!Through our lives, people will come and go. Some touch our lives more thanothers. There will be great loves of life as well as those who cause heartache.There will be some never, ever forgotten and others we would never wish to let go.Love DOES change ones life. Accept Love as a gift. It is the best gift you can givesomeone, including yourself, and the greatest you can receive!Be Blessed Forever in LOVE