How to get more Replies on LinkedIn (and other secret hacks from the sourcing ninjas)

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  • 1. Johnny

2. Our Black Belt Sourcing NinjasOver 7,000 Recruiters to date 3. Finding candidates is getting Easier! 4. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat is the average response ratefrom passive candidates? 5. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat medium ensures the highestresponse rates? 6. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat day of the week is the best tosend an email? 7. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat is the best time of day to sendan email or call? 8. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat is the optimum number of wordsto use in your email subject line? 9. Engaging Passive CandidatesWhat works best: I, we, us or you,your, yours? 10. Engaging Passive CandidatesHow do you motivate someone tochange job? 11. 12. How much time would you saveeach day if you could triple yourpassive response rates? 13. 1 minute of lost productivity costs:1!!!! 14. 1 hr of lost productivity each day costs:15,600 per annum!!!! 15. Black Belt in Internet RecruitmentRecruitment/ Sourcing QualificationBest Practice Use of Online/ SocialMedia Tools to Identify & Engagewith TalentIncreases Recruiter ProductivityDelivered Online (12 month license)Used by 7 of the 10 most followedcompanies on LinkedIn 16. Offer708 354Register your Interest before COB todaysales@socialtalent.coBuy before COB 3rd OctoberD29 17. Are you ready to become a ?.co