How to handle stress during your first sober holidays

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How to Handle Stress during Your First Sober HolidaysBeing out of an alcohol rehabilitation program and facing your first holiday season is not easy. Most people face difficulty in handling temptations and stress during holidays. Staying sober through your first holiday season can be difficult. All you need to make this difficult task easy is to be determined and to know a few tactics that help you take control of your urges.

Stay In Your Comfort ZoneStress during holiday season is practically unavoidable. With family, friends and relatives getting together, there is a lot to do and many to meet. If you think you are not very comfortable around a certain person or group or dont feel comfortable about a particular activity, stay away from it. The best way to beat the stress and not give in to the temptation of having alcohol is to stay in your comfort zone. Being around people who make you feel happy and confident is extremely helpful in keeping away from stress and therefore alcohol.

Be With Your Partner & KidsIf you have a partner and/or kids, nothing can be more motivational. Being in their company can keep you away from all kinds of temptations, not just alcohol. Stay close to your spouse and kids all through the holiday period.

Rekindle Your HobbiesAlternatively, look at other, more engrossing, ways to beat stress. Go back to your hobbies to relax and unwind after a tiring day. If you are lonely, look for good company. If you think your company is a temptation itself, look for some solitary time, each day to keep your promises. Rekindling old hobbies will give a feeling of creative satisfaction without being dependent on anybody for curbing temptations and being busy.

Stay In Touch With Rehab MatesYou are not the only one fighting stress and trying to have a sober holiday. There are more like you, trying to beat the holiday season blues without alcohol. Dont let all the rehab effort get wasted. If you think nothing else is working, just get hold of a phone and stay in touch with your rehab mates. Give them a call, plan to meet up if anyone is around or simply invite them over to your plans. Being together or in touch, keeps your will power strong and helps you stay away from alcohol. It is a good way of handling stress for your first sober holiday season after analcohol treatment program.Preventing a relapse might be difficult in the beginning, but the feeling of successfully preventing it is very good. You feel confident of yourself and motivated to keep the effort going. Seeing the results and the happiness of your loved ones is truly inspirational.

Being out of analcohol rehabilitation programand facing your first holiday season is not easy. If you feel tempted by all the celebratory drinking and bingeing around, think of the suffering that you and your family faced due to your addiction. To avoid falling into the same pit again, follow any of the above that suits you. You can also take advice of a medical expert. Just, be confident and determined to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.For More Information on alcohol rehabilitation program Visit