How To Keep Him Interested In You Forever

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  • 1. How To Keep Him Interested In You ForeverLH Surge and Pregnancyhttp://LHSurge.orgCarol asksOH MY GOODness the guy of my dreams is single and we arehanging out today how do I keep him interested?Okay so hes single.. his ex was soooo for him and I am kind of intimidated at the fact i wantto be just as good for him. But I really shouldnt be thinking about that right? How do I keephim interested? Have you ever been in that situation ladies?So this question was yest and that night we chilled and watched the best movie and we cameback to his crib so late I was in a bind.. I was going to get on the bus but I really hate thosetimes when its sooo cold outside and I didnt want to go home alone.. so I stayed at his crib andhonestly it was the best decision Ive ever made. He is the most passionate romantic and forthe first time in my life, his kiss caused me to have butterflies and I could look into his eyesforever thats how I felt.. I didnt want to leave his side.. we connect so well where do I gofrom here? Also, please help me with the above answers.. he is just soooo beautiful. .also how i do I know this will be a constant thing?I do know his best friend and Ive been waiting for this forever!! im 19.Blissful Relationship answers:Just be with him.Keep talking to him.Give him your attention.Im sure he wouldnt mindit.Besides,he may feel the same way you do.He probably thinks your as beautiful as you thinkhe is.Get it?Just sit close to him.Hug him.Hold his hand.Look into his eyes whenever you talk to 1/6

2. him.Make it so that all you want to do is be around him.Im sure he is worrying about the samethings you are.He wants to keep you interested in him.So it probably goes both ways youknow?This is just my opinion,coming from a guy.Id want a girl to do that for me.But every guy isdifferent in some aspects.But if that time that you didnt go home proves anything,there seems tobe some future between the two of you.That kiss was only the beginning and his ex was onlypaving or making the way for you.They may have seemed really good for each other but youseem to be even better for him,from what it sounds like.Im sure things will just come naturallyand you will always have him interested in you.Im sure everything will work out fine.Hope ivehelped,and goodluck with it.Betty askshow do you keep a conversation interesting with a guy when youron the phone with him?Im fifteen and I like this guy whos seventeen and in the same grade as me. We met in summerschool and I was not that interested in him until the last day. Well a few weeks ago, my bestfriend got his number for me but its my cousin who got me and the guy talking and she eventold him I like him. But how do I tell him how i feel? I called him the other night and we weretalking but I get so nervous when Im on the phone talking to him which is why my cousin isalways on the other line. but long story short, i kind of left him out the conversation because iwas scared to talk and now we havent talked since last wednesday. Can someone please helpme with this and I will love you forever?? 2/6 3. Blissful Relationship answers:Your problem is that you want to do this over the phone. I know youre young, but hes a bitolder, so you should probably do this in person. Use the phone only to talk about lighter thingslike your interests/hobbies, gossip, etc. Plan a time to meet him (doesnt need to be like anofficial date), just meet for food or a movie or something and then you can lay it out. Whenyoure in person it will be a lot easier because you can read body language and send him allthe signals. So much can be told by how he reacts to you touching him. Once you establish thatsort of personal connection, the words will just come out.Jenny asksHow am I supposed to interpret this guys comments?We were talking for hours and he said Im already seeing you in a different light (not surewhat the subject was about) and he later added Ill never forget the time we went out that day.I will bring this to my grave. I dont know if you feel the same way, but those are memories thatIll keep forever.. Is this guy interested or what?Blissful Relationship answers:The only way to know is to ask him because guys say things just to say things sometimes. Buthis answer might disappoint you so be ready.3/6 4. Helen asksHow to keep his interest? Help!!?There is this guy, Hes 25 (Im 18 ) I feel he likes me, he has been flirting with me for almost a2 years, and he is still single, so I feel he is waiting for me to become legal,but Im not reallysure,he said and I quote You are so beautiful, when are you going to be my wifeSo this guyhe is always telling me how pretty I am, and saying how far my looks can get me.He alwaystells me about his past relationship, and always has to clarify that he is single. For the 2 yearsIve known him, he has never came up there with one female. He recently said I am veryattractive, and when he hugged me he said he could hug me forever.He is always making funof how young I am.And he always teases me. (What does this mean???!!) And when I was 17,when we were talking he said If only you were 18? and I said I will be 18 in 6 months and hesaid I will wait and he smiled. I like him alot, but I was waiting to turn 18 so it can be legal.Doyou think he can be joking? . Furthermore, do you think he may be interested?Sometimes heflirts with me soo bad, then the next time I see him, all he does is stare and not sayanythingonly like teases me. Is he afraid to approach me? I know him well enough by now,he is not all creepy, looking to score or whatever.but what could i do to keep his interest.FYI.Met him at my churchPlease no rude comments about him being creepy or a pedophile, you dont know him, justanswer the questionBlissful Relationship answers:6 months doesnt seem as long to a 25 year-old than to a 17-year old. I wouldnt worry aboutkeeping his interest; especially because youve already been keeping it for 2 years. All you got4/6 5. to do is do what youve been already been doing, being yourself.What I would be worried about is whether you are ready for that kind of relationship. From whatI gather, hes probably gonna get serious and if he turns out to be someone you dont like orsomeone you didnt expect, you may struggle. The age difference at your age will likely causesome difficulty as well. The good news is that you have 6 months to know what you are gettinginto, so use the time you have wisely by talking with people about having a relationship. Whenthe day comes and you are not ready, let him know and take it slowly. By then, your parents willknow probably so try to be open to them about it.Sharon askswell,im an aries. how to keep a gemini guy still forever in lovewith you, and to want you more and more?tq?- i know him for almost 3 years by now- our relationship is on and off basis- now we are having a long-distance relationship and we only see each other once a month.- hope to get a good tips in keeping the relationship alive and still having him interested in mein the long runBlissful Relationship answers:Already in three years relationship i think its a good sign he is still with you.look for his venus5/6 6. and mars signs for the best results but what i can say is 1) Even if you are far from him when ever you meet him show him your full affection that you missed him sooooo much. 2) Often try to send him naughty text messages(tease him) 3) Dont give him full details about your things let him guess. Keep telling him that you are enjoying yourself and very busy. 4) Sometimes he would tell you that he met a girl she was this and that just try to show him that you are not even jealoused just laugh and try to enjoy( i know it is tough but it will work to gain his trust in a long run)he may throw admiring glances at the hot babes on the beach. Just dont doubt him; it may trigger him to do something he didnt even think of doing before. You may try as much as you can to hide your suspicions from him, but he will be able to guess and that would make him miserable. 5) Whenever you meet him do something different from previous routine like last time if you went to a beach this time go for a candle light or do something different.make it adventure 6) Try to meet him every time with a different look and apperiance.(trust me he would love it if he is a real gem) 7) Just stay a little distant from him; too much closeness will make him nervous. 8)To win the heart of a Gemini male, just assure him that you are the one who will always be near him, but wont get too close to him or lean on him. 9)Dont try to bind Gemini men too much and let them have their independence and freedom. In return, they will do the same for him but not everyother minute..and sometimes call him 3 times a day then all of a sudden stop calling him. For like a day or two..he will find it teasing. 10) sometimes he will sound really boring because gems are talkative but try to show him that his conversation is really interesting.and you are enjoying it(even if you are not) A Gemini male is not prone to jealousy and he will never be extremely possessive. He will trust you as much as he expects you to trust him. He may lack passion, but he will be full of romance. Just hear the same music he hears and see the same dreams he sees. Is he running? Try to catch up with him. If you get tired on the way, dont worry. He will stop for you, hold your hand and build up your strength to run with him again! Good luck Powered by Yahoo! Answers LH Surge and Ovulation How To Keep Him Interested In You Forever6/6Powered by TCPDF (