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  • 1. How To Keep Him Interested In You So He Doesnt Stray Away After you have landed the man of your dreams, you will have to keep him interested in the relationship, and knowing how to do it is a little tricky. Are you having a hard time attracting a guy? Do you have your eye on a guy who doesn't seem to show any interest in you? Is there a guy you like who sees you as just a friend? Would you like to find out how to keep him interested in you? Now if you do, here are powerful attraction secrets that can help you. Men Women Are Attracted Toward Intelligent One of the best ways to keep a guy interested is to impress a guy with your intelligence. In case you don't know, most men admire women who are smart and women they can have interesting conversations with. While guys may like staring at beautiful and sexy women, just these two alone will not make a guy want to stay with a woman. As you may already know, one of men's long-term goals is to establish communication with a woman. Therefore, being witty or intelligent will help you and your man establish communication.

2. Men Love Confident Women Another way on how to keep him interested in you is by showing a guy you are confident. Men don't like women who are desperate, sneaky and needy. Men consider these women with such qualities as high maintenance. For most men, these kinds of women are hard to live with and are usually hard to please and build relationship with. And most of the time, they only stay with these kinds of women because they feel obliged or they are being manipulated. Therefore, be sure to make your man realize that you are a confident woman. A Little Mystery Goes A Long Way Tell him important facts about you, but leave a little information to be a mystery. Whilst it is important to let him learn more facts about you, it will also be very favorable for you if you leave a little mystery. From time to time, let him ask questions about you. Don't just blurt out everything. If you do this, you'll increase his curiosity and you can be sure that he will turn his attention on you and will eventually stay with you much longer. Be A Good Listener Don't be a chatterbox and listen to him. Most men love talking about themselves, so give your man a chance to talk. Listen to him intently and give him your undivided attention. Again, this is a good way to establish communication, as well as encourage him to open up to you and tell you even his problems and fears. Also, it will give you the opportunity to learn more about him. Make Him Enjoy His Time With You Make sure that your date or your man doesn't get bored while the two of you are together. So enjoy your time with him and make him enjoy his time with you. You can do this by learning how to throw jokes every now and then. While it is mostly guys who try to make their women laugh, it will also be very advantageous for you if you are able to make him laugh as well. 3. If you are wondering why making a guy laugh and have fun is advantageous for you, then here are your answers. First of all, if you make a man laugh, he will feel more at ease whenever he's with you. Thus, this will encourage him to be more open to you. Secondly, if you can make a guy laugh and he feels good while you are around, he will be more likely want to spend more time with you. And whenever you're not around, he will begin to miss your company. Remain Attractive While Sharing Common Interests Try not to forget how you managed to get the guy in the first place. Remember that it was your physical beauty that attracted him to you and you will need to look good for him at all times if you want to keep him interested in you. The next step for you to take will be to concentrate on any common interests that you share. This requires that you get to know him, does he like sports? If so, what kind of sports? By simply asking him about the interests he may have will naturally open the door for him to begin wondering what you happen to enjoy. Be Spontaneous Another great way to keep the guy interested in you is to be spontaneous. Men already know how to do this by way of gift giving, such as flowers or jewelry. The good news is that there is nothing in the book of love that says the woman should not do the same for him. While he may not appreciate flowers as much as you do, jewelry such as a necklace or a new wrist watch will be received by him as a warm gesture of your affection. If you really want to get his attention, try some revealing attire that will have his imagination and hormones in overdrive. Give And Take Relationships today are give and take and you will need to be flexible with trying new things. For example, if he has an interest with auto racing or baseball, and he invites you along, then go ahead and share the experience with him. Conversely, do not assume that he will not join you in some horseback riding or hiking some back country trail, go ahead and invite him to go with you. The wonderful thing about trying out new experiences is that you 4. may find out that something that you would have never considered before can be a lot of fun. This would of course apply to him which will lead to more time spent together. So, are you still wondering how you can keep a guy interested in you? Well, if you do, there are still a lot more information you can get if you visit this website. Click Here To Read Stupid Ways On How To Keep A Man Interested In You