How to Keep Your Business Online During Natural Disasters

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1. Remaining ActiveDuring Disaster 2. A breakdown in communication iscommon during natural disasters,but the duration can varydrastically. 3. How prepared isyour business forMother Naturesnext attack? 4. During Hurricane Katrina, forexample, victims were relieved tofind that some textingapplications remained functional.The completely wirelesstechnology survived and helpedcitizens communicate despitewidespread outages. 5. OVERWHELMING DISRUPTIONOF COMMUNICATIONCommunication failure can occur for a variety of reasons, some ofwhich are unavoidable. Using Katrina as an example once again, thefollowing statistics cover some of the most common oversights thatcaused serious victims:77%Of citizens said theyhad never beeninstructed on theemergency responseprotocols.62%Of businesses saythey kept generatorson lower floors; whenthose floors floodedthe equipment did, aswell44%Of telecommunicationcompanies said theyhad never set up aplan concerning whatto do in case of anatural disaster. 6. KEEP YOUR BUSINESSRUNNING WITH SKYCASTERSMaintaining a well-practiced disaster response procedure isnecessary for all businesses and governmental industries.Neglecting to prepare for or from a plan of reaction againstnatural disasters will only lead to the loss of yourinvestments or, even worse, the lives of countless people. 7. KEEP YOUR BUSINESSRUNNING WITH SKYCASTERSTo protect your investments,infrastructure, and personnel, rely ona communications partner that canprovide the best equipment thatwithstands the worst conditions.At Skycasters, we promise to keepbusinesses and response teams upand running in times of need, nomatter how harsh the environment. 8. 800-268-8653


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