How to keep your children safe online By angel Pena.

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  • How to keep your children safe online By angel Pena
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  • Page 1 The first way to Keep your children safe on the computer is a major concern for parents, whether you have an infant, toddler, or teen! To Learn about things like childproofing your home and child passenger safety. Than you should read along.
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  • Page 2 First you can look for a program that can keep your child safe could do that when you go to a computer store. Like best buy or another store
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  • Page 3 Im going to show you some ways you can keep your child safe. If your child is under 13 than they cant be on facebook or twitter. Or if your child is under 5 than I think that they shouldnt be on the computer
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  • Page 4 If you want to keep your child safe from predators than you shouldnt let them text with unknown people like this. Now this person was wanted for being a predator with Childs.That is why children shouldnt text with stranger because they could be predators
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  • Page 5 You should not let your child be on the internet untended. My mom does not let my 7 year old brother be on the internet unless he is done with his homework and chores and she also does that to me. This is the reason that you should let your child alone on the internet.


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