How to keep your family safe during the upcoming holiday season

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1. How to Keep Your Family Safe during theUpcoming Holiday SeasonRegardless of whether it means going on a cross-country trip, a flight overseas or simplyenjoying a day at the beach, the upcoming holiday season will result in many people leavingtheir homes unattended for extended periods of time. As a result, instances of burglaries oreven accidental fires usually increase at this time of year. However, there are a few precautionswhich can be taken to ensure that your family and property remain safe during this time.Install a Home Alarm SystemUntil a decade or so ago, alarm systems were considered as luxury additions to a primary orvacation property. However, the sharp increase in burglaries and home invasions has renderedthese devices more essential than ever. These days, alarm systems are far more than just a fewsensors connected up to a siren in that they can be connected to close circuit camera systems, 2. home automation systems and even smartphone devices. This enhanced functionality enablesyou to see what is going on at home at all times. When selecting an alarm system, it isrecommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford, as you cannot put a pricetag on safety.Link a Fire Alarm to your Home Alarm SystemFires can break out in your home at any time, which is why you should install a monitored firealarm as well. In the event of a fire breaking out, sensors placed in and around your home willsend an urgent signal through to your local fire department, who in turn will respondimmediately. If your family is at home when the fire alarm sounds, it will provide them with aprecious few minutes to evacuate the house safely while waiting for firefighters to arrive.Basic Safety TipsAfter installing a security alarm and fire alarm system, it is crucial to ensure that each memberof the family knows how to use it correctly. This should include knowing where panic buttonsare located in case of emergency. Even young children can be taught to memorize their addressso that if emergency services need to be called, they will know which property to respond to.Practice a basic fire drill with your family at least twice a year so that everyone knows what todo in case of emergency. It is recommended that a fire extinguisher be kept in the kitchen closeto the stove as well as in the garage so that minor fires can be put out before they grow out ofcontrol.When leaving your home for an extended period of time, all windows should be latched closedand doors securely locked in order to make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to gainunlawful entry. Although having an alarm system installed is by no means a guarantee that aburglary will not occur, it is usually one of the most effective deterrents, as a burglar usuallyrelies on stealth and anonymity when committing his or her illegal deeds.Abut Author: At Sentry we are proud that over 90% of our new alarm system business isreferred to us. This says a lot as most of our competitors out spend us in advertising. We preferto spend money taking care of our customers. For example we are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week. When you call us, you get us, not some offsite supposed support center or an outof state call center that cannot even pronounce the town you live in correctly. Feel free to giveus a test. Call us at 617-532-1013. You'll be pleasantly surprised