How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

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    How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

    Car theft is a huge prole all oer the orld. Heres ho to hae soe peae of id.

    Every week, we hear horror stories about people who lost either their cars or their valuables to car

    thiees. But soeties ou eed to park our ar, ad theres o safe garage i sight. Here are 5 suggestions that will help you keep your vehicle safe.

    a. Lock your car.

    This one is obvious. Do not leave your car unatteded ad uloked uder a irustaes. Dot leae it ruig, either, espeiall hile its uloked or uatteded or oth!. Also, reeer to lose your windows.

    b. Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle.

    Many people leave spare keys under their cars or in their mailboxes in case they get locked out. These

    are the first places thieves look for spare keys. If you get locked out of your car, you can always call the

    police, but if a thief steals it, you might never get it back. If you need to have a spare key somewhere,

    leave it with a friend or co-worker.

    c. Do not leave valuables or personal property in your car.


    Your car is not a safe place to leave your laptop, jewelry, or important personal documents, especially in

    a eposed plae. We dot recommend leaving these things in the car at all, but if you must leave them, use a locked glove compartment. Out of sight, out of mind the less thieves see of your items, the less ietie thell hae to hoose our ar. d. Install and use safety devices.

    Good old-fashioned steering wheel locks are a great place to start. These locks prevent the wheel from

    moving, even if they can hot-wire the car to start it. Though experienced thieves may know how to

    unlock them, why bother? The car next to yours probal doest hae oe. I additio, osider higher-tech anti-theft devices. Your anti-theft device should have an audible alarm; alarms attract attention

    when they go off, so thieves look for them and avoid them. Also, a GPS tracking system might not

    prevent a thief from breaking into your car, but it may prevent your car from being driven away.

    Consider installing one of these higher-teh deies: there orth the iestet. e. Use your emergency brake.

    Not only is it good for your transmission to use your emergency brake when you park, but it deters

    thieves. Often, car thieves try to roll a car to a darker or more secluded location in order to try to get the

    egie started. If the eerge rake is i use, the at do that.


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