How to know if a guy is interested in you

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  • Tips to find If a Guy is Interested in You

    Here I will tell you if a guy is really interested in you. So you want to know if a guy finds you interesting. Welcome to dating! When you first saw this guy, you wanted to talk to him, but didn't know if the guy actually noticed you. And then your eyes met his and his yours. Fine. What next? Then probably you are talking to your friend and he is talking to his friends and probably your eyes met again. You are not sure whether he is interested enough in you. Is this you? If yes, read on...

    The most common thing if a guy is interested in you is when he inquires a mutual friend about you and acting as if he is just curious. This is the first sign of his interest in you. He may even communicate to a mutual friend that he would like to go out with you knowing well that his interest in you will reach your ears.

    Going further, if he gives you a third look and you can be pretty sure that he is indeed interested and expect that your eyes are going to meet again. By this time you might even find a smile on him. He will keep you within his range of vision and would look for an excuse to come close to you. All the while he will also make his presence felt in your vicinity.

    If he manages to get close, he will try to find an excuse to pass by you or try to initiate a conversation by commenting on the people around. He may find something on you which he can use to comment on in the hope of initiating a conversation. All this shows that he is interested in you. And when you do start a conversation he will be listening with interest and respond well.

    If everything goes fine, he might even ask if you are going out with some one. This means that he is wants to date you and would expect your answer to be a no.

    Going ahead, he would try to find out where you go and what you do and show himself unexpectedly at places and behave as he it was a coincidence. If this is the case, then you can be sure that he has been thinking a lot about you and would pop a question to go out a date with him. If you really like him, don't behave pricy at this time. Take it easy and enjoy your date. All the best!

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