How to Maintain Your Sobriety During the Holidays

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Get help staying sober during the holidays with these helpful tips.


How To Maintain Your Sobriety During The HolidaysWAISMANN INSTITUTEPresents


1. Choose a Healthy Environment for Sobriety:Stay away from people who discourage you from sobriety.Spend time with people who are more supportive.Ask a like-minded friend to come if are not feeling secure.#

Understand the people, things and situations.Consult with your therapist about what is causing you anxiety. Try to learn tools to deal with uncomfortable feelings.Learn healthy ways to deal with stress.

2. Be Aware of your Triggers:#

During a difficult situation, refocus with activities such as Enjoy the natural world around you.Take some deep breaths. Understand that the discomfort of the moment is short and temporary.3. Step Back from the Situation:#

Be part of whats positive and productive around you.Can improve your self-esteem.Helps you remember that there is more to life than your own wants and needs.Do something that could add positive vibes to the celebration.4. Be Helpful:#

Appreciate what you have and be grateful for whats in your life.Notice the things around you that you can be thankful for.Remember small things like a warm home and a beautiful dinner.. Allow these kinds of moments to turn into soothing feelings you cherish.5. Be Thankful:#

Find challenges and obstacles to overcome.Remember that you have succeeded in beating the hardest of fights before, and you can do it again.

6. Remember Every Day is a New Beginning:#

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