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How to make a bomb out of bread

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Text of How to make a bomb out of bread

  • 1. How to make a BOMB out of BREADAnd also howto help bringworld peace:step by step,bread bybread!Stanford 2012, A Crash Course on CreativityTeam 26818 presented

2. We believe that a small piece of bread has the potential to changethe world. For good. 3. Introducing the TEAM Kiev, Ukraine 4. How to bring world peace?How to make a Bomb out of Bread? 5. Friendship Bread for world peace 6. Starting with peace at home! Problem: Fights between Husband and Wife? 7. Solution: Here is a heart-shaped bread to forget everything. Be peaceful!Results 8. Peace between Friends who have some misunderstanding! 9. Results! 10. Friendship bread - bridge between Countries 11. Bread as a tool for your childs development 12. JENGA!A tower of Bread cut into pieces to be used in kindergartens andprimary schools in the break time 13. Bread battle like a tomato battle (its safe for kids) 14. Create some wacky forms from bread 15. Or a bread man like a gingerbread man 16. Organize fun adventurous quests for your children, sprinkle bread crumbsto show the way to somewhere like in "Hansel and Gretel" 17. Celebration Bread for all Occasion: 18. Bread for Christmas! 19. Bread for Diwali 20. Bread for EID 21. Bread for Weddings 22. Bread as a BOWLIt is used for certaintraditional soups (mainly inthe Balkan region), insteadof a bowl, to put the soup init. It also has a separate partto cover it, like a bread top.And when you start eating,you first eat the top, thenstart chopping off the breadbowl if you want additionalbread with your soup. 23. Bread as a way to transport something special inside! 24. Bread as a food art! 25. Bread as a decoration!:) 26. Thank youfor viewing!If you made it this far, we will reward you by keeping our promise.We havent tricked you about the bomb thing.Find out here how to make a bomb out of bread: you like our presentation please do not make bombs out of anything. And maybemake a Friendship bread and give it to someone you had an argument withrecently. See you next time!