How to Make Your Vacation in Bali More Memorable

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Visiting a city like the Bali, Indonesia can become a truly memorable getaway if you follow these helpful pointers and tips.


  • How to Make Your Vacation in Bali More Memorable

    If you think that scoring a value-filled accommodation in Bali can already give you a memorable vacation, think again. Most of the time, it's the simple things you do that can have the most meaning and make or break your trip with your family, friends, or special someone. Here are a few tips on how you can create wonderful memories in Bali:

    Be (almost) gadget-free

    Have you ever watched a scene from a movie wherein a ringing cellphone cuts a character's dialogue? It's so anti-climactic, you'll unintentionally hate the person on the line. The same thing can happen to individuals who always have to have their phones on hand, especially those who own smartphones. Resist the urge to Tweet or share travel experiences instantly on Facebook. Focus on drinking in the beauty of your surroundings by putting your handset on silent and burying it in the bottom of your bag. You can always fiddle with your gadgets back in your Bali accommodation.

    Always be ready for photo opportunities

    When traveling to a foreign country, it doesn't really matter if your clothes and shoes aren't that picture perfect or brand new. It is alright to put on a presentable yet comfortable ensemble such as a simple shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. Your travel pictures should show the places you've been to and how happy you are during your trip.

    Don't be afraid to get lost

    Another common misconception about traveling is that you have to follow an itinerary and stick to it no matter what. While this may be helpful especially for first-time travelers, this takes the real essence of exploring Bali. Instead of booking a guided tour, why not just wander around the city on your own? See where your feet might take you. You'll discover places far more interesting than those written on travel books and magazines. Besides, this is the perfect time to do everything on a whim.

    Befriend a local

    Assuming that you have done some research on basic Balinese phrases, it's time to practice them by befriending the locals. Engage in friendly talk. Learn about their lifestyle. Ask if they could tour you around places in the city that few tourists get to see. Having these friendly and meaningful conversations with Indonesians can give you a deeper understanding of the country's culture. Indeed, these activities are far better than spending your entire vacation just lounging inside your accommodation in Bali.