How to Perform Ummarah

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This document shows how to perform the Ummrah step by step.


How to perform Umrah (brief guide)1. Clip the nails, remove unwanted hair 2. When bathing or doing wudhu, make intention that I am doing wudhu or having a bath to come into Ihram 3. Wear the ihram (two sheets of cloth for males- make sure the shoulders are covered.)A woman is not required to wear sheets of ihram like men; she is permitted to wear stitched garments of daily use, even the colored ones. 4. If it is not makrooh time perform two rakats sunnatul ihram. A woman in menstruation or nifaas will not perform the salah (She will come into the state of Ihram by taking a bath if it is not harmful otherwise Wudhu will suffice, then facing the Qiblah she will make the intention and recite Talbiyah.) 5. Remove topi etc (men) whilst sitting make intention for umrah, recite talbiyah three times (Women silently) then recite durood sharif and make dua. 6. Constantly recite talbiyah; men should keep their shoulders covered. Enter the Haram Shareef, right foot first, recite the dua, and make intention for Itikaf. 7. Upon seeing the Baitullah, fix your gaze towards it and engage in dua 8. Reciting Takbeer, Talbiyah and Durood shareef proceed towards the Baitullah, stop just before the black line .Now (a) stop reciting the Talbiyah (b)Observe Idhtiba. 9. Now proceed to the Hajar e Aswad in such a manner that your right shoulder is in line with its left corner and make niyyah for Tawaaf (O ALLAH I intend to make Tawaaf of your sacred house, seven circuits, for your pleasure, make it easy for me and accept it from me. 10. Now move a little to the right until your chest is directly facing the Hajar e Aswad and raise both hands up to the ears as when beginning salah and recite the following dua (Bismillahi AllahuAkbar wa lillahil hamd) In the name of Allah. Allah is great and all praise is due to Allah. 11. After lowering the hands make Istilam of Hajar e Aswad 12. Turn so that your left shoulder is facing the Hajar e Aswad on the black line and commence Tawaf. 13. In the first three rounds the male is required to do Ramal (i.e. to walk hastily, taking short steps, pushing the chest outwards and moving the shoulders.)Women will walk normally. No ramal to be done in the remaining four rounds. 14. When reaching the black line in the second and remaining rounds turn the face and the chest towards the Hajar e Aswad and do Istilam reciting (Bismillahe AllahuAkbar), then turn and continue with the Tawaf. It should be remembered that to turn the face and the chest towards Baitullah during tawaf is permissible only while performing Istilam of Hajar e Aswad. 15. After the seventh round do Istilam for the eighth time, now cover the shoulders. 16. Make dua at Multazam if possible, proceed to Maqaam e Ibraheem and perform two rakats Wajibut Tawaf behind it if it does not inconvenienceanybody, otherwise anywhere in the Haram Shareef. Ensure that it is not makrooh time. 17. It is Mustahab to drink Zam Zam water after theTawaf salah. 18. Now proceed to the Black line and do Istilam of Hajar e Aswad for the Ninth time.

19. Proceed to Safa, make intention of Saee(O Allah I intend to make Saee between Safa and Marwah seven laps for the pleasure of Allah, hence make it easy for me and accept it from me. Do not raise your hands like in takbeer e tahrimah rather stand facing the Qiblah raising your hands in dua make whatever dua one desires then recite Takbeer ,Tahleel and Durood Sharif and commence the Saee. Do the same at Marwah. Note: Safa to Marwah is one lap and Marwah to Safa is the second lap,hence one will commence the Saee at Safa and complete the Saee (seven laps )at Marwah.. 20. Between the two green pillars, men are required to run with a slow pace, Women will not run but walk their usual pace. 21. After Saee if it is not the makrooh time, it is Mustahab(preferable)to perform two rakats Nafl in the Masjid ul Haram. 22. Do Halq (shave the entire head)or Qasr(trim the hair of the ENTIRE head to the extent of the first joint of the forefinger.)As for women they will only trim their hair .The easiest way for women is to make three plaits of their hair and and snip off the first joint of the forefinger from the end of each plait. This should be done in the privacy of her room, not on the streets or at a hairdressers. She should bear in mind that a non-mahram is not permitted to trim, touch or even look at her hair. 23. Remember this humble servant and his family in your Duas at all times

Prepared by Moulana Muhammad Shoyaib Nurgat. Imam and Khateeb of Masjid e Umer 79 Queens Rd Walthamstow London.