How to perform Umrah

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UMRAH Faraaidh of Umrah To be in the state of ihram. (Niyyat+Talbiyyah) Tawaf that is completed with the intention of umrah. Wajibaat of Umrah Saee. Shaving hair + Trimming approximately 1 inch of hair for women. SUNNAH Pray 2 rakat at home before setting off. Thank Allah and ask to make it easy. SUNNAH Before reaching Meeqat perform ghusl otherwise wudhu. Clean ones self properly. Put ihram clothes on. SUNNAH Keep head covered and pray 2 rakat nafl. Surah Kafiroon in 1st surah Ikhlaas in the 2nd. FARZ Now uncover head make INTENTION of UMRAH and say the TALBIYYAH. Recite talbiyyah continuously. GOING TO MASJID HARAAM MUSTAHAB to do ghusl. Have wudhu. Enter through Babul Umrah or Babus Salaam if possible. Enter with the right foot and recite the following dua: Make intention of Itikaf. Go towards Kabah when you see it recite 3 times: Read darud sharif and make dua while standing up then go for Tawaf. TAWAAF PROCEDURE OF TAWAF WAJIB to have wudhu for Tawaf. Explain if wudhu breaks. Before Tawaf make idthiba . Uncover right shoulder put ihram under right and over the left shoulder. FARZ Make intention of Tawaf of Umrah (7 circuits). STOP TALBIYYAH. ISTILAAM Go in line with Hajar Aswad by looking for the green light or look out for the side which has 1 minaret. Stop and face the Black stone keep it on your right; raise the hands like namaz up to ears palms facing the Hajar Aswad and read then kiss your palms. Turn Then kiss it. If too far then make a symbolic gesture read to right and start Tawaf. SUNNAH Men will do Ramal in the first 3 circuits. MAKROOH TAHRIMI to face or show ones back towards Kabah. SUNNAH To recite 3rd Kalima. Tasbeeh +Quran +Zikr can also be recited. Avoid going in Hateem. When you come to Rukn Yamani touch it with both hands or the right hand only if you cant nothing else should be done. SUNNAH To recite in between Rukn Yamani and Hajar Aswad. When you come to the Black stone again face it and do Istilaam like before. Do the same for 7 rounds then do the 8th Istilaam. Now cover shoulder. SUNNAH Go to MULTAZIM portion between Back stone and door of the Kabah and attach yourself there and pray. If not possible pray from far. MAQAM IBRAHEEM SUNNAH To read audibly WAJIB To read 2 rakat wajib behind Maqam ibraheem if not possible pray anywhere in Masjid e Haraam. SUNNAH Recite Surah Kafiroon in 1st surah Ikhlaas in the 2nd rakat. Make dua. Go to Zamzam and drink facing Kabah and pray the following dua MUSTAHAB 9th Istilaam before Saee. SAEE WAJIB to do Saee. Go towards the green light. Preferable to have wudhu not essential. When you reach SAFA recite: Climb SAFA and face until Kabah is visible. Make intention of Saee. Raise both hands like in dua up to shoulders and recite 3 times:

. , , Recite darud and make dua. Now start to walk. When you come to green lights start to RUN slowly until the other green lights. SUNNAH Recite in between the lights carry on until you reach MARWA. Women will NOT run. On MARWA do the same as on SAFA. Then walk towards SAFA again run on green lights. MUSTAHAB 2Rakats nafl in Masjid Haraam. HALQ WAJIB Men will shave hair or trim now. If less than 1 inch have to shave. For women approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the plait should be cut. AFTER THIS UMRAH IS COMPLETE AND NOW ONE IS OUT OF IHRAM. ALL RESTRICTIONS ARE NOW LIFTED.