How To Repair A Leaking Water Heater

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  1. 1. How To Repair A Leaking Water HeaterThere could be two possible sources of leakage in a storage-tank water heater, from the valves to the tankitself. Let us first determine why there is a leak.Why could there be leaks coming from valves?There are different types of valves that are attached to the water heater tank. There is the cold water valve, thetemperature value, pressure valve, and the drain valve. Water leaks more often through the pressure relief valve andthe drain valve. Too high temperatures not being contained by faulty pressure-reducing valves could cause this leak.Be aware that there is a chance that the tank could explode if too much pressure builds up. When it comes to drainvalve leaks found on the side or near the bottom of the tank, the problem could be that the valve has not been tightenedproperly or has loosened over time.Why could there be leaks coming from the tank?Water heaters were not built to last forever like most products. It is made of steel, so there is still a chance of corrosion.If it has been working properly, delivering good results over the years and suddenly starts leaking, then it might be that ithas started to rust. Small rust spots eventually result in tiny holes if not treated properly and quickly.What to do when a valve is leaking:There is a possibility, although rare, that the leak is coming from the pipe and not the valves. To make sure of this, trytightening the fittings where the water is leaking. If that does not help, then you most likely need to purchase a new valveor pipe, whichever one is defective. If you are not 100% sure on how to replace the valves on your own, do not hesitate tocontact a plumber. Leaks in valves could also be due to faulty gaskets. You ought to replace them with new ones if that isthe case.What to do when the tank is leaking:As the metal corrodes, holes become inevitable and you may not know this until the leak starts. In this case the best thingto do is check for a replacement tank and install it. Call a qualified repairman or plumber to help you with this task if youare inexperienced.Before doing whatever you need to do to repair a water heater, with great emphasis we remind you to turn off the powerand the circuit breaker. Shut off the main water line that leads to the tank as well. Before any dismantling, allow some timefor the tank to depressurize. Do not obstruct the vents and the source of leak. Do not touch any part just yet as it may betoo hot.For more information on Replacing A Hot Water Heater, including other interesting and informative articles andphotos, please click on this link: How To Repair A Leaking Water Heater