How to Replace a Band on a Montie Gear Slingshot

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These instructions apply to a Montie Gear Y-Shot or Gloveshot slingshot.For additional info contact


Y-Shot Band ReplacementStep 1 Identify the FRONT and BACK of the Y-Shot frame. -The BACK of the Y-Shot is where the wriststrap is located.

Step 2 Prepare the screws and washers. You will need: 4 screws (10-32 5/8 Phillips) 4 lock washers 4 flat washers #1 Phillips screwdriver -First, place a lock washer on each screw, then place a flat washer on each. Step 3 Lay the band out on a clean, flat surface. -Be sure the inside, fuzzy surface of the pouch is face- down.

Step 4 Place the sideplate on the band. -Notice the small notch (for optional arrow rest). -Slip the sideplate onto the band with the notch on the upper side, and the holes on the ouside, as shown.

Step 5 Fold the band over, using the sideplate. -Flip the ovtside edge of the sideplate up and over, toward the pouch, once.

Step 6 Adjust the band so that: -The band is centered in the slot. -The band looped around the sideplate is snug (it does not have to be tight, but it should not be very loose). -About 1/16 to 1/8 of the band is showing.

Step 7 Place the assembly onto the Y-Shot frame. -Carefully pick up the assembly and place it against the Y-Shot frame as shown. Check that: -The notch is at the top of the Y-Shot. -The band is protruding from the BACK of the Y-Shot frame.

Step 8 Attach with screws. -Using the screws you prepared with washers, alternate tightening the two screws. -Do not over-tighten. It should be finger-tip tight. -Preferred torque is 6 inch-pounds.

Step 9 Repeat Steps 3-8. -Repeat Steps 3-8 with the other end of the band, beginning in the configuration shown, with the notch on the upper side and the holes of the sideplate on the outside edge.

Enjoy your Montie Gear Y-Shot! Test that the band is securely attached before shooting. Read the Montie Gear Y-Shot Safety Tips before shooting. Always replace a torn, knicked, or otherwise damaged band.