How to write a paragraph about yourself

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  • 1. MyselfHow to write a paragraphabout myselfAziz Salafi

2. MyselfWhen you write a paragraph aboutyourself, mention basic informationabout yourself. 3. MyselfYou can use the table below to helpyou organize your basic information. 4. your nameageMarital statusnationalityhometownjobfathers jobfavoritefavorite sportsinterests 5. MyselfAnother way that can help youorganize your basic information is toformulate questions. When youanswer the questions, write fullsentences. 6. What is your name?How old are you?Are you married?Where are you from ( country )?Where do you live?What is your job?What is your fathers job?Whats your favorite color?What is favorite sport?What are you interested in? 7. MyselfThe next slide is a model paragraphof a self-introduction. 8. MyselfMy name is Fahed Qahtani. Im from Saudi Arabia. I live in Abha.Im 19 years old. Im a university student. I study English at KingKhalid University. My university is in Abha, the capital of Aseer. Ihave three brothers and two sisters. My father is a policeman. Mymother is a housewife. My favorite color is blue. In my free time Ilike to play soccer and table tennis. My favorite player in KarimBenzema. 9. MyselfIt is now your turn to writeabout yourself.Aziz Salafi