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A wide selection of kitchen designs to match budget and taste.


  • The Kitchen Collection

    Kitchen featured is Tewkesbury Stone

  • About UsHowdens Joinery offers a range of integrated kitchen and joinery products designed to meet the needs of modern living. Our offer includes over 45 different kitchen designs, plus a full range of accessories, worktops, sinks, taps, doors, fl ooring, skirting and a wide variety of Lamona appliances exclusive to Howdens.

    We are a trade only business that has been selling to trade professionals since 1995.Given the complexity of the modern kitchen we believe that only experienced, qualifi ed builders and joiners should install our products.

    We offer you the reassurance that Howdens is a market leader. Last year we supplied over 350,000 kitchens to UK homes.

    There are over 560 Howdens depots nationwide so its likely we are local to you. And because we are local, your builder can collect exactly what he needs, when he needs it, to install your dream kitchen.

    Each of our depots has experienced designers who will plan your kitchen and be on hand throughout to help you and your builder.

    We do not endorse trade professionals directly, but to help you fi nd one, talk to your local Howdens Joinery depot or visit

    Copyright Howden Joinery Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • Howdens Joinery offers a range of kitchens specifi cally designed to meet the needs of modern living. Select from one of our inspirational kitchen ranges available in a variety of styles and fi nishes. Howdens also offers an Inclusive Kitchen collection which combines accessibility with design and is available in the majority of kitchen ranges*.

    *Haworth White and Gloss Integrated Handle ranges are not available as Inclusive Kitchens.

    Kitchen Frontals Guide

    Burford Gloss Flint Grey pg.66

    Burford Gloss Cream pg.64

    Burford Gloss White pg.62

    Haworth Whitepg.12

    Burford White pg.68

    Burford Creampg.72

    Greenwich White Smooth pg.126

    Greenwich Shaker White pg.110

    Greenwich Shaker Cream pg.114

    Greenwich Shaker Grey pg.118

    Burford Greypg.76

    Tewkesbury White pg.14

    Tewkesbury Skye pg.22

    Tewkesbury Stone pg.18

    Tewkesbury Oak pg.34

    Tewkesbury Light Oak pg.30

    Burford Light Oak pg.80

    Saponetta White pg.84

    Tewkesbury Bluepg.26

    Greenwich Gloss Graphitepg.106

    Greenwich Gloss Auberginepg.104

    Greenwich Gloss Blackpg.108

    Greenwich Shaker Light Oak pg.122

  • Glendevon Dark Oak Mix & Matchpg.60

    Glendevon Graphitepg.58

    Greenwich Beech pg.142

    Greenwich Creampg.130

    Greenwich Gloss Flint Grey pg.98

    Greenwich Light Oak pg.146

    Gloss GraphiteIntegrated Handle pg.48

    Gloss Flint Grey Integrated Handle pg.44

    Gloss Cream Integrated Handle pg.40

    Gloss White Integrated Handle pg.36

    Glendevon White pg.52

    Saponetta Cream pg.86

    Saponetta Grey pg.88

    Saponetta Light Oak pg.90

    Greenwich Gloss White pg.92

    Greenwich Gloss Cream pg.94

    Greenwich Gloss Stonepg.96

    Greenwich Gloss Bluepg.100

    Greenwich Gloss Navypg.102

    Greenwich Stonepg.134

    Greenwich Grey pg.138

    Glendevon Flint Grey pg.56

    Glendevon Cream pg.54

  • Howdens AppBring a kitchen to life by downloading the Howdens App. Hold your smartphone or tablet over the images marked with the icon in this brochure and, using the latest picture recognition technology, the App will start to play the associated kitchen or appliance movie. When the movie starts to play, double-tap the screen to make it full-size.

    UK ManufacturedHowdens Joinery is a British business. The UK or U

    MANUFACTUREDlogo indicates that the product illustrated is

    manufactured and assembled in the UK*.

    Leonard Cheshire DisabilityBy working directly with Leonard Cheshire for 10 years, Howdens Joinery has developed a range of Inclusive Kitchens and accessories designed for the disabled or those with limited mobility.

    Your Howdens Joinery GuaranteeHowdens Joinery supplies high quality kitchens and bathroom cabinetry to trade customers from stock. When professionally installed in the home, these products will provide many years of reliable use.

    In the unlikely event of a problem occurring with our kitchen or bathroom cabinetry as a result of a defect in the manufacturing process or raw materials, we will happily, promptly and without charge, replace any cabinet (excluding frontals) for a period of within 25 years from the date of its installation in the UK and any frontal*1 for a period of within 5 years from the date of its installation in the UK. In circumstances where you have a Howdens branded kitchen and need to make a claim under this guarantee, please contact your local depot who will be able to help you through the process.

    Lamona Appliance 2 Year GuaranteeAll Lamona appliances and a selection of unbranded appliances come with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee from date of purchase and what we believe is the best after-sales service in the UK. All Lamona ovens also include a 5 year guarantee on door glass. In the unlikely event you need to make a claim, you will need your proof of purchase and to contact your local depot who will be able to help you through the process.

    Lighting 2 Year GuaranteeAll lighting comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee*2. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, we will happily replace any lighting product promptly and without charge.

    *When shown with a kitchen range, this refers to the frontal and cabinet; components such as hinges, drawer boxes and handles may be sourced outside the UK. *1Subject to availability of the particular frontal model. *2Excludes bulbs


















  • Your Kitchen 04

    CAD Planning & Design Service 05

    UK Manufacturing 06

    A Truly Local Business 08

    Cabinet Features 10


    Haworth White 12


    Tewkesbury White 14

    Tewkesbury Stone 18

    Tewkesbury Skye 22

    Tewkesbury Blue NEW 26

    Tewkesbury Light Oak 30

    Tewkesbury Oak 34

    Gloss Integrated Handle

    Gloss White Integrated Handle 36

    Gloss Cream Integrated Handle 40

    Gloss Flint Grey Integrated Handle 44

    Gloss Graphite Integrated Handle 48


    Glendevon White 52

    Glendevon Cream 54

    Glendevon Flint Grey 56

    Glendevon Graphite 58

    Glendevon Dark Oak Mix & Match 60

    Burford Gloss

    Burford Gloss White 62

    Burford Gloss Cream 64

    Burford Gloss Flint Grey 66


    Burford White 68

    Burford Cream 72

    Burford Grey 76

    Burford Light Oak 80


    Saponetta White 84

    Saponetta Cream 86

    Saponetta Grey 88

    Saponetta Light Oak 90

    Greenwich Gloss

    Greenwich Gloss White 92

    Greenwich Gloss Cream 94

    Greenwich Gloss Stone NEW 96

    Greenwich Gloss Flint Grey 98

    Greenwich Gloss Blue NEW 100

    Greenwich Gloss Navy NEW 102

    Greenwich Gloss Aubergine NEW 104

    Greenwich Gloss Graphite NEW 106

    Greenwich Gloss Black NEW 108

    Greenwich Shaker

    Greenwich Shaker White 110

    Greenwich Shaker Cream 114

    Greenwich Shaker Grey 118

    Greenwich Shaker Light Oak NEW 122


    02 Contents

  • Greenwich

    Greenwich White Smooth 126

    Greenwich Cream 130

    Greenwich Stone NEW 134

    Greenwich Grey 138

    Greenwich Beech 142

    Greenwich Light Oak 146

    Technik 150

    Inclusive Kitchens

    Inclusive Kitchens 152

    Inclusive Kitchen Accessories 153


    Accessories 154

    Lighting 162

    Waste Management 165


    Handles 167


    Worktops 174

    Worktop Backboards 182

    Worktop Upstands 184

    Multiplex Edging & Splashbacks 187

    Worktop Accessories 188


    Flooring 190

    Flooring Accessories 198


    Appliances 200

    Ovens 202

    Hobs 210

    Extractors 215

    Refrigeration 222

    Dishwashers 228

    Laundry 231

    Sinks and Taps

    Sinks 234

    Taps 245

    Joinery Collection

    Joinery Collection 251

    Doors Overview 255

    Bathroom Cabinet Collection

    Bathroom Cabinet Collection 260

    Cabinet Options 262

    Standards & Accreditations 267

    Worktops Guide 268

    Tewkesbury Stone TradAwaiting Image

    Contents 03Subject to availability

  • Your Kitchen

    In order to create a well organised, functional kitchen, take some time to think about the style of kitchen you want and the steps below.

    Step 1: What will you use your kitchen for?

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. How you use the space will depend on your individual preferences and lifestyle. For example, your kitchen will be both the focal point and functional centre of your home. You may want to entertain as well as cook, relax or work. Your kitchen could also be the area where other domestic chores are carried out, including washing and cleaning.

    Step 2: How much available space do you have?

    Whether you are replacing an existing kitchen or extending your room, the available space will determine the shape of your kitchen and the right design will maximise it.

    Step 3: What type of layout would you like?

    The working triangle concept is an established method of kitchen planning. The cooking area, refrigeration and sink are positioned to form a triangle to create optimal working space, and this can