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  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Series


    New Series! Built On Cutting Edge, Internationally Recognised Strategy!

    HR As A Business Partner

    SeriesA Series Of Three Courses Designed To Enhance Business StrategyBy Empowering HR Executives

    Do you want to:

    Lead change within your organisation? Have a holistic view of the business and understand the complexity of the organisation? Be able to play different roles and choose the most appropriate one according to the

    needs and the situation of the client (the Expert, the Advisor, the Coach or the Broker)? Operate with a long-term view while resolving contingent issues? Develop a wide internal/external network? Create cooperation while generating empowerment? Succeed on behalf of the internal client? Maintain a business focus and perspective at all times? Make a positive impact on your organisations bottom line?

    Enabling you to work alongside senior management peers to provide the vital link between the business andthe strategies of your organisation, providing support and developing new initiatives to ensure nancial success.

    A Career Progression Series That You Cannot Afford To Miss:

    Module I:

    HR As A Business PartnerMarch 8 12, 2009Movenpick Hotel, Dubai, UAE

    Module II (Optional):

    Overseas Benchmarking ModuleGeneva, SwitzerlandJune 21 25, 2009

    Module III (Optional):

    The Review ModuleDubai, UAENovember 8 12, 2009

    Ofcial Regional Recruitment PartnerOrganised By

    Tel: 971-4-3352437 Fax: 971-4-3352438 Email: Web:

    8 12 March 2009 Mvenpick Hotel, Dubai, UAE

  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Series


    HR As A Business Partner Series

    Dear HR Professional,

    In an ever evolving, increasingly competitive world industries are becoming highly adept at addressing the notion of change andarguably, the HR function is the biggest chameleon of them all.

    Things have progressed exponentially since the days where labour relations and wage determination were the bread and butterof an HR executive. The role has systematically gained prominence and responsibility. Today, HR has become central to businesscompetitiveness.

    HR professionals must be more than partners; they must be playersin the game, not at the game- Professor Dave Ulrich

    Innovative, world class HR has become a commercial necessity and as a leading professional in the eld, you are perfectly placedto make the transition from driving seat, to driving the business forward.

    Not only will you be able to better align your HR department with the corporate strategy; you will also develop an ability tochange and add value to the corporate strategy itself.

    This year, we have developed this innovative three-module series, HR As A Business Partner, to provide you with full-spectrum

    career development. We recommend that you attend all three modules to derive the greatest value from this series.

    So what exactly will you gain from participating? Understand the HR business partnership model and identify what you need to change in order to transform yourself into a

    business partner Learn how other HR Managers in global organisations have successfully achieved this transformation Discover how your internal customers perceive you as a business partner Become the trusted advisor to your internal clients Be more inuential, use and interpret business data effectively and develop a value proposition that is attractive to your

    internal clients And much more

    By registering today, you can be sure that your company will view HR As A Business Partner.

    Your course leader, Mario Castagnetta, and I look forward to seeing you in March, June and November!

    Yours sincerely,

    Keith ParkerConference Manager

    P.S. These three courses bring the internationally successful concept of HR As ABusiness Partner to you!

    P.P.S. Register for all three courses before 18 January 2009 and save up to US$ 2,300!

    BC2862 Employee Relations8 12 February 2009

    BW021 Advanced Human Resource Management in the GCC22 February 22 May 2009

    A1003 Talent Management Forum15 19 March 2009

    Forthcoming Relevant Events

    For more information on any of the above events pleasecontact us on Tel: 971-4-3352483 or email:

    The HR as a Business Partner Series is composed of three modules:All three modules are optional and can be purchased separately. However, inorder to attend Modules II and/or III, you MUST have attended Module I.

    Tel: 971-4-3352437 Fax: 971-4-3352438 Email: Web:

  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Series


    Mario Castagnetta is the Founder and Director of Synchronicity SA, an international human resourcesconsulting company based in Geneva, Switzerland, providing medium-to-large international organisations withproducts and services in the domain of personal development and potential, management development, talent

    engagement and retention, knowledge sharing, coaching and career counselling.

    Synchronicity supplies its services to well known medium-to-large international organisations such as AgilentTechnologies, Bulgari, Cap Gemini, Ernst&Young Consultants, Cisco, Ferrero, Firmenich, Hewlett-Packard Europe,PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hitachi, Nespresso, Nestl, Nextrom, Novartis, Philip Morris, SGS, ST Microelectronics,T-Systems and Zurich Insurance.

    Before establishing Synchronicity, Mario was a Training & Development Manager at Hewlett Packard in Italy (1988-1995) and inSwitzerland (1995-97).

    Since the founding of Synchronicity, he has been invited regularly by IMD Management Development Institute (Lausanne) toparticipate as a Coach in both public (Mobilising People) and private (RWE, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bertelsmann, Borealis, Adecco,Shanska) programmes.

    Mario is also an Executive Coach. In the last 10 years he has coached senior directors and executives in a number of well-knowncompanies (Al Hokair, Bulgari, Nextrom, Novartis, TetraLaval, Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst&Young Consultants andT-Systems).

    Mario graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University La Sapienza, Rome in 1985.

    Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck will be joining you during Module II in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck is an executive coach and organisational consultant for multinational organisations. He is aVisiting Leadership Coach at IMD International in Lausanne and a Global Leadership Fellows coach at the WorldEconomic Forum. He is a member of the HR Group of the HEC University of Geneva. Previously Paul worked as a HRexecutive in in Royal/Dutch Shell, General Motors and George Fisher. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered

    Institute of Personnel and Development. He recently wrote the chapter on the Chief Human Resources Ofcer inLeading in the Top Team (Cambridge 2008). Originally from the Netherlands, he has worked and lived in the US,France, Germany and Switzerland.

    Tel: 971-4-3352437 Fax: 971-4-3352438 Email: Web:

    HR As A Business Partner

    The transformation of HR from a support function to a business partner has been identied by major global businesses as the main

    objective for HR Managers and professionals to consider as the next phase of the development of their role. In fact, it has become the

    new expectation from senior executives and internal clients.

    To create a business partnership implies that HR Managers will learn to work together with those who are responsible for the

    business. The person with whom the business manager can discuss the issues of the organisation and plan the best possible future.

    The HR Professional has to become the innovator, able to balance the business objectives of his/her internal client with the human

    power they are responsible for. To make this happen, the HR Professional has to suggest methods and solutions that aim for the

    optimisation of the human capital managed by their business manager. But what is new? Where is the real challenge?

    Being proactive and capable of anticipating the requests of what the business managers, as strategic partners, would do is what really

    makes the difference between a traditional HR manager/professional and the HR Business Partner. Presenting information and

    statistics effectively and being able to inuence the key decision makers represents the core asset for those who want to transform

    the perception of their role and want to have a different position and impact.

    The HR Business Partner assists the management in the execution of their business strategies with the consequent total satisfaction of

    both clients and employees. The time of dealing with work permits and with hiring/ring issues is over!

    Mario Castagnetta

    Founder and Director

    Synchronicity S.A., Italy

    Meet Your Expert Course Leader

  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Series

    4/6Tel: 971-4-3352437 Fax: 971-4-3352438 Email: Web:

    Module I:HR As A Business PartnerCourse TimingsRegistration will be at 08:00 on the rst day. All ve days will commence at 08:30 and conclude at 14:30 with lunch. There will be two

    networking and refreshment breaks at appropriate times each day.

    Programme Overview

    Pre-Work All delegates will be requested to invite 3-5 internal customers to participate in an online survey to discover their current perception

    of you as a Business Partner. The survey is essential for participation in the programme. All data will be treated with the utmost

    level of condentiality

    All delegates are expected to interview their own CEO/ MD or a representative of the top management according to a script that

    will be provided to them

    Who Should Attend?

    HR As A Business Partner is designed for both small and large organisations alike. This course benets human resources and

    organisational development executives who have a strategic focus, with the objective to make the transition from HR executive to

    strategic business leader.

    Day One Sunday, 8 March 2009

    Transforming The Role

    The key challenges and the main transformations of the HR


    What do business leaders expect from HR?

    The prole of the Business Partner

    How role models see their role and impact as Business

    Partners (best practice and interviews) The competency model to become a Business Partner

    You as a Business Partner (feedback report)

    Day Two Monday, 9 March 2009

    Making The Difference

    Becoming the trusted advisor of your internal clients

    Skills and dialogue to become a trusted advisor

    Your case: how to become the trusted advisor of your

    internal clients (small group activity based on a real case)

    What is your value proposition to your clients? (self-case)

    Day Three Tuesday, 10 March 2009

    Sitting In The Oval Room

    Managing your own credibility

    Understanding business data and its implication

    Consulting skills: How to identify your clients needs and

    respond effectively to them (analysis of business case and

    skill practice)

    Inuencing skills: How to increase your personal power andimpact - skill practice

    Day Four Wednesday, 11 March 2009

    Review The Position Of Your Own Function/Role

    Dimensions of an HR strategy that contributes to the

    business success

    What does your top management expect from you? (key

    messages from your interviews)

    Developing your strategic agenda: How to do it Networking: A critical skill to the success of the Business


    Day Five Thursday, 12 March 2009

    Getting Ready To Face The Real Challenge

    Analyse a nal case in order to be prepared to face your

    reality once back in your organisation

    Denition of your own Personal Improvement Plan

    At the end of Module I, you will choose the project you

    will be working on in-between modules. During Module

    II in Geneva you will have the unique opportunity to

    benchmark your HR practices with several multinational

    companies and international organisations. The

    organisations are leading edge with regard to HR

    practices. They very rarely allow people to look at their

    internal practices. At the end of the module the learnings

    from these visits will be used to update and revise the

    individual projects. Between Modules II and III, you will

    nalise your projects and present the results at the start

    of Module III.

  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Series

    5/6Tel: 971-4-3352437 Fax: 971-4-3352438 Email: Web:

    Company Visits

    Many leading organisations covering a wide range of activities

    have chosen Geneva as the centre for their international and

    European operations. Here are some examples:

    Private Banking: Pictet, HSBC

    IT: HP, ST Microelectronics

    Pharma and Chemicals: Merck, DuPont

    Commodity trading: Cargill, Lukoil

    Fragrances and Flavours: Givaudan, Firmenich

    Tobacco: Japan Tobacco Media: Reuters

    Manufacturing: Caterpillar

    Luxury Goods and Watches: Richemont, Rolex

    Airline Industry: IATA

    Economic Policy: World Trade Organisation, World Economic


    Healthcare: World Health Organisation, Bill Gates Global


    Humanitarian Aid: Red Cross and Red Crescent, UN

    Organisation for Refugees

    Environment: World Wide Fund for Nature

    Sports: UEFA, International Olympic Committee

    You will be visiting three of these organisations in order to

    learn from their state-of-the-art HR practices.


    Day One: Sunday, 21 June 2009

    Each participant will do a presentation to update their fellow

    participants and the faculty on the progress of their

    individual project. Afterwards they will receive counselling

    and feedback

    Prepare company visits to companies and organisations:

    background information and preparation of questions

    Day Two-Four:Monday - Wednesday, 22 24 June 2009

    Benchmark visits to multinational organisations

    Review of benchmark results and learnings

    Day Five: Thursday, 25 June 2009

    Update and revision of individual projects by using the

    results of the benchmark visits Action planning for project work in your own company

    Guided tour of Geneva

    During the visit you will have the opportunity to get feedback

    and advice from a Synchronicity coach on your HR As A

    Business Partner Project.

    Module II (Optional):Overseas Benchmarking Module

    Geneva, SwitzerlandJune 21 25, 2009

    Your Stay In GenevaApart from being an international centre of economic and political activity, Geneva is also a favoured tourist destination. You will be

    hosted in one of Genevas high-class hotels with an infrastructure that will facilitate your learning. A guided tour of the city will

    complete the module, in order to recognise how the physical environment can contribute to the success of an organisation.

    Module III (Optional):The Review Module

    Dubai, UAENovember 8 12, 2009

    The Final Step In Becoming A Business Partner

    Essential elements of this module are:

    How to become the coach to your internal clients

    Tips to bring your HR As A Business Partner project alive

    Graduation ceremony


    During the entire programme, you will receive assistance from a Personal Coach

  • 8/14/2019 HR As A Business Partner Serie...