HR as a Strategic Business Partner

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HR as a Strategic Business Partner

The long-held notion that HR would become a truly strategic function is finally being realized.

SMART Goals should be as SMART as possible S-Specific M-Measurable A-Attainable R-Relevant T-Time-based

Becoming A Strategic Business Partner Knowledge Requirements Staying focused on issues that matter to the business Delivering capabilities that make a real difference

Why HR as a SBP? To increase productivity of the workforce and thus profitability of the organization. To increase revenues or cut costs To build competitive advantage Effective use of information technology

Knowledge Requirement (T&D) Develop new skills as needed. Understand the data, the financials, the market, etc. Be a true Partner and a true Coach, with honesty, integrity and courage

Staying Focused On Business Issues Focus on Business Objectives Structure activities around key business objectives

Focus on the Performance Scenario planning on performance of workforce.

Focus on Core Values Ensure that core values are embedded in key HR elements, e.g. hiring, job requirements, rewards

StrategicHR ExecutiveTalent Planning Talent Development Performance Management Executive Succession Executive Compensation HRIS Shared Services Acquisition Assessment Cultural Integration Compensation/Benefits Recruiting Hiring/Firing Data Reporting Performance Assessment Succession Planning Orientation/Training Relocation Policy/Fair Treatment Strategic Alignment Globalization Organizational Architecture Enterprise Integration Acquisition Planning Organizational Learning Executive Development Board Relations

Strategic Business Partner

HRHR GeneralistHR HR Specialist


Quality Cost Reduction Process Reengineering Customer Relationship Management Product Development Change Management Metrics Team Effectiveness

Operations Professional


With HR as a Strategic Business Partner, the returns for organizations are inevitable. HR is in the drivers seat to be a Strategic Business Partner so this is the right time to seize the opportunity and be valuable.

Conclusion It is truly said that HR is a Strategic Business Partner because It is said that someone who is an expert in every aspect of the HR function will fit the bill so HR is that person.