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  • Molecule spins until a connection is achieved
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  • ** You have entered Chemgold3 (CG3) ** FUNCTION KEYS FUNCTION KEYS - What they do Live Support - Online chat with Chemwatch for help Email - Send email to Chemwatch Chemwatcher - Track MSDS registration progress WikiWatch - Wikipedia access Contact - Details for you to contact Chemwatch Bulletin - Weekly publication from Chemwatch Setup Help - Online user manual Logout
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  • Introduction to CG3 Action Tabs 1.MATERIALS for searching MSDS by Chemical name or Vendor (Default selection when opening CG3) 2.FOLDERS list of Supplier MSDS for products registered to your company 3.MANIFEST inventory of all Hazardous substances and dangerous goods registered to your company. 4.RISK ASSESSMENT Create Workplace specific Risk assessments for Hazardous Substances 5.CLASSIFY to calculate the risks associated with your new product or dilution also creates labels for this new material. 6.INTRAY Save reports, MSDS, labels etc for regular use. 123456
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  • Type of Documents to select 1.The default setting is for VENDOR MSDS ( from the Supplier) 2.Defaults to LONG format for GOLD MSDS (MSDS written by Chemwatch) 3.LABELS print safety labels for products. (Generic only) 4.Emergency information related to chemicals ie: first aid, spills, fire fighting etc. 5.MINI MSDS is a one page summary Introduction to CG3 1 2 4 35
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  • Database search options Select FULL to search the Chemwatch database of over 13 million products Select OWN to search only the products registered to your company. Introduction to CG3
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  • Select SHOW OWN View a listing of the products registered to your company Introduction to CG3
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  • You can Search for a Chemical / MSDS using any one of these options
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  • 1 2 To Search: 1.Enter name of Chemical / MSDS you wish to locate 2.Then hit Enter on your keyboard or click GO Introduction to CG3
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  • This section typically used by Chemists, Lab technicians This section typically used by Managers, supervisors checking regulations etc. For information on using these functions contact Helpdesk for further training
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  • Start screen, Ready for action! Now youre ready to start using CG3