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    Hughes County OSU Extension Service

    200 N Broadway

    Holdenville, OK 74848

    Phone: 405-379-5470


    4H/Ag Educator: coy.mccorkle[email protected]

    FCS/4H Educator: [email protected]

    Admin Support Specialist: [email protected]





    Providing Free

    Hands-on Learning Fun For All Age


    Sponsored by: Hughes County OSU Extension Service

    Bringing the University to You

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    Dear Educator,

    You are invited as a school teacher, Day Care, Head Start

    teacher, 4-H volunteer, or other professional working with youth

    to consider 4-H Enrichment Programs for part of your curriculum

    or youth activities.

    The programs described here are only a few of the

    educational programs offered through the Hughes County

    Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. These programs use a

    variety of methods to reach youth and each will add to a child’s

    life through home, school, church, or other meeting.

    All 4-H programs are designed to help youth develop by

    involving parents and other interested adults who organize and

    conduct learning experiences, whether they are learning a life

    skill or an academic subject. Oklahoma State University and the

    Hughes County Cooperative Extension Service provide these pro-

    grams through 4-H Youth Development efforts.

    By working through the Hughes County 4-H Extension Ed-

    ucator, you will find out how to use and borrow these programs.

    The Extension Staff is available as a resource to meet your needs

    and assist in your educational programs.

    The completed order form provided with this leaflet

    should be returned to the Hughes County Extension 4-H

    Educator. To be sure to receive lessons when you want them,

    schedule them as far in advance as possible. Some programs have

    to be ordered from OSU.

    THANK YOU for the work you do with area youth!


    4-H is for any boy or girl age 9-19. They can live in a city, town, or in the

    country. 4H is for everyone.

    4-H is about Heads, Hearts, Hands, and Health. It is a club about kids.

    4-H is learning, doing, getting involved in projects and activities, meeting

    new friends, and learning new things. There are lots of activities.

    4-H has over 65 projects to choose from including bicycles, dogs, photog-

    raphy, sewing, horses, plants, technology, rocketry, or even pigs!

    If you would like to know more, please Contact: Travis Hanks or Megan Logan at the Hughes County OSU Extension Service 110 S. Wewoka, Courthouse Wewoka, OK 74884 Phone: (405) 257-5433

    HOW IT WORKS 1) When you complete the Program Request Form, if you plan to use cur-

    riculum that you received in past years, and do not need additional sup-

    plies, put an "X" next to the program you will be using so we can keep track

    of the students using these programs.

    2) You will receive booklets and equipment in a timely manner based on


    3) On programs with a charge, you may pay when you order or when the

    programs are delivered.

    4) Programs with equipment will be given on a first-requested, first-used


    Oklahoma State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, State and Local governments cooperating. Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability and is an Equal

    Opportunity Employer.

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    Ag In the Classroom Grades K – 6

    Curriculum: Science, Mathematics, Language Arts,, Social Studies, Health, Creative Arts and Thinking

    Resources: Teachers Guide – Lessons and worksheets for K- 6 grades. Work sheets are ready for duplication. One set

    of books available per school. Additional books may be

    purchased through the 4-H office.

    Video Tape – “Farm Animals, Close Up and Very Personal”

    30 minutes in length

    Supply Barn – One Large Red Barn available for each school using

    the curriculum. The barn is intended for use in a media center to

    hold resource and support materials.

    Overview: Oklahoma Ag In the Classroom (AITC) offers you an opportunity to bring “Ag-Citement” into your

    classroom. This curriculum is designed to help youth

    understand the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

    AITC provides a collection of ready to use teacher’s guides

    and Activity Sheets that will integrate agriculture in school

    subjects in such a way that students will become “Ag-

    Literate” as they learn language arts, reading, information

    skills, math, science, social studies and visual arts.

    The lessons are intended to supplement existing curricula and have

    been written to teach one or more of the skills recommended for a

    grade level by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.


    Leadership, Action & Growth

    The following programs focus of empowering youth through positive

    interaction and hands-on learning, so that they will become responsi-

    ble, engaged citizens with a healthy level of community awareness,

    and civic responsibility. Each can be adapted to any age level.

    Step Up to Leadership

    This curriculum will take youth through activi-

    ties that teach the life skills needed to become

    an effective leader. Not only will youth com-

    plete a self awareness evaluation, but they will

    also learn how to work with others and com-

    municate in a positive manner and create a plan for change.

    Building Community

    Designed to equip youth and adults with

    specific tools to create positive community

    change, this program will help bridge the

    gap between youth and adults, allow them to

    work together as equals on projects and

    hopefully, result in an actual change in the community. Youth

    have the opportunity to identify and address a need in their

    own school or community.

    T.A.G. (Teen Action and Growth)

    Are we preparing youth to be the leaders of Tomorrow?

    Through planned and focused progressive leadership develop-

    ment, young people can be prepared for challenging experienc-

    es, for independence, and exhibiting generosity while mastering

    skills and knowledge. T.A.G. provides a flexible yet structured

    method for participants to interact with the concept of pro-

    gressive leadership through activities and group processing.

    The ultimate goal is to allow members to explore the various

    faces of leadership and find the one that best fits for them as

    an individual.

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    Beginning of Life Grades: K-6

    Curriculum: Science

    Resources: Instructor’s Guide, Fertile Eggs, Incubator:

    Transparent Incubators may be borrowed from the OSU

    Extension Center (hold 1-1.5 dozen chicken eggs)

    Overview: The egg is a marvel of nature, and in-

    cubating eggs and observing the emergence of

    the chick is a fascinating experience for young

    people. Students can study development of the

    chick embryo, record and interpret observations,

    and brood chicks in the classroom. Teachers are

    encouraged to adapt the curriculum to the needs

    of their particular age group.

    4-H Plant Science Grades K - 8

    Curriculum: Science Resources: Teacher/Leaders Guide, Soil Media, Seeds, and Cups

    for each student.

    Overview: Students will learn the parts of a

    seed, and how it germinates and grows. The

    Teachers Guide outlines numerous exercises and

    activities for use in the classroom. This program

    allows students to have their own classroom

    greenhouse and grow various plants. Students al-

    so will have the chance to dissect flowers and

    learn about the different parts of a plant.


    Food, Nutrition and Health

    Healthy Kids Challenge: Encourages

    schools and communities to make edu-

    cated decisions about wellness and

    health. This program has a proactive

    health message that helps develop pos-

    itive self-esteem, and increases youth’s ability to make

    healthy choices by providing food safety, healthy snacks

    and physical fitness.

    JIFF(Jump Into Foods & Fitness): Helps children and

    youth to develop healthier lifestyles that will improve their

    overall health. The JIFF activities are designed for use in

    nonformal educational settings (PE class). JIFF provides a

    physical activity, background information to relay to the

    children about why we need to be healthier or more active.

    Healthy Eating & Active Living for Kids & Families:

    This curricula provides activity modules

    for teaching groups and their families

    about living a healthy lifestyle. The mod-

    ules teach kids about Fitness, Food, Fun

    and Feelings, and special Family modules

    directly involve parents in moving the

    whole family toward better health.

    Power of Choice: The “Power of Choice” curricula provide

    students with fact based information to make accurate de-

    cision about foods they eat or drink. This curricula pro-

    vides comparisons and demonstrations to show students

    what is in the food that we eat. Is an eye opening experi-

    ence to really find out how much sugar is in a ROUTE 44

    SONIC Coke compared to a 100% fruit juice drink or Ga-


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    Smelly Joe Grades:: 2-6

    Curriculum: Health

    Resources: Handouts and prop

    Smelly Joe is a hands on lesson about hygiene where the

    kids get to explore germs and learn why it is important to stay clean. They will also get to meet a boy named Joe

    that needs their help to get on the path of good hygiene.

    Grades: 3-5th

    Curriculum: Finance Resources: Handouts and prop

    Money Munchkins will explore why financial education is so

    important. It will cover the history, managing, earning and spending of

    money. It will also explain savings, investing, sharing, giving, borrow-

    ing and lending money. Literacy sessions that uses reading to intro-

    duce children to key financial concepts and provide parents with tools

    and information to reinforce future money management skills.

    Grades: K-2nd or ages 5-7

    Curriculum: Finance Resources: Handouts and prop

    “Right on the Money covers earning, spending, saving and borrowing

    money. With four financial literacy sessions that uses reading to intro-

    duce children to key financial concepts and provide parents with tools

    and information to reinforce future money management skills.


    SNAP: Super Nutrition Activities Program Grades: K-4

    Curriculum: Science & Health

    Resources: Curriculum Notebook, worksheet, activity ideas, parent


    Overview: A look at the Food Guide Pyramid,

    exploring the 5 food groups and why they are

    needed in our daily diets. Lessons also include

    healthy snacks, exercise, and food safety.

    Aqua Times Grades 3 - 6

    Curriculum: Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, Creative Arts and Thinking Resources: Lessons pages for each student, leader/teacher guide

    Overview: This program takes a look at the com-

    plexities of preserving our most precious natural

    resource, water. It uses activities to look at the

    quantity and quality of water. The curriculum

    suggests ways to manage our water supply and so-

    licits a commitment to preserve and conserve this

    resource. Students will actually test water for

    elements like iron, phosphorus and copper.

    The five units are accompanied by supplemental

    activities as well as a five-issue tabloid newspaper

    for each student. In the final issue, the class

    produces a newspaper on water issues.

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    Heath Rocks Grades::

    Curriculum: Health, Social Studies

    Resources: Video Tape & Instructor’s Guide

    Health Rocks is a series of leaders curricula for a healthy living program aimed at 8 to 16 year olds, with the goal of bringing youth, families and communities across the United States together to reduce tobacco, alcohol and drug use by youth.

    Healthy Oklahoma! Grades::3-8

    Curriculum: Health

    Resources: Video Tape & Instructor’s Guide

    Healthy Oklahoma was developed to focus on obesity prevention. Over the past decade, the percentage of overweight youth has steadily increased in Oklahoma. As many as one in five Oklahoma children are signifi-cantly overweight or obese. To help decrease this number, Healthy Oklahoma teaches grades 3- 8 about food safety, the my pyramid parts, how to make a healthy snack, and how to plan a meal with fun hands on activities. This curriculum is taught in 4 lessons and they each take about 30 minutes.


    Tricky People Grades: K-5

    Curriculum: Health, Social Studies

    Resources: Video Tape & Instructor’s Guide

    Overview: Children need to know

    safety rules and practice caution when playing

    in their neighborhoods, walking to school, or

    when approached by a stranger. This program

    will help reinforce safety rules that children

    should learn and practice. Fun video lessons

    and activities taught using the Yellow Dino se-

    ries by Jan Wagner.

    Talking with TJ Grades: 2-4

    Curriculum: Problem-solving, Conflict Management

    Resources: Teacher’s Guide & Video Tapes

    Overview: Talking with TJ is an imaginative

    way to relate to kids. It will help you actively

    involve kids in problem-solving and relating

    with each other. As a matter of fact, kids will

    have so much fun watching the videos and tak-

    ing part in the activities, they may not realize

    they’re actually learning valuable lessons about

    themselves and their relationships. These ex-

    periences will be beneficial in their daily lives.

    A short training session is required before

    teaching the lessons or the 4-H educator is

    available to teach the lessons.