Human evolution

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Human evolution . Kudzai Deketeke Teddy Chocos English 101. Human’s physical progression. Human achievement or progress is illustrated in the image, as the ape evolves steadily into becoming a human. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Human evolution

Human Achievement

Human evolution.

Kudzai DeketekeTeddy ChocosEnglish 101Humans physical progressionHuman achievement or progress is illustrated in the image, as the ape evolves steadily into becoming a human.Theoretically human achievement can be described as the progression of the human race in terms of culture, science and politics.

Human Achievement can be described as well as being a step to forgiveness, and change for the greater good of the people. As many lives were lost in colonial and Puritan times, innocent blood was shed with the justification of them being casualties of progress(Howard Zinn)

Past and present

Casualties of progress (Howard Zinn)This image describes a South African protest, with a brother carrying his dying sister after being shot by the white soldiers.

Progress cannot be achieved without some sacrifices along the way. The severity of past inhumane crimes has led to the extensive reforms and fight against injustice and discrimination today.

We place our vision of a new constitutional order for South Africa on the table not as conquerors, prescribing to the conquered. We speak as fellow citizens to heal the wounds of the past with the intent of constructing a new order based on justice for all.Nelson Mandela walking in the streets of South Africa, achieved freedom.

Native Americans are recognized more and more since the days of Columbus, for playing a major role in American history.

Half of the Indian population was killed by the first European settlers and they were not regarded as having any part in American history.Human progress in this case is shown in the change and evolving of ideas.CULTURE Different cultures and races have since come together over the years .Thus showing the development of the human race in terms of social trends.

Education has led to medical advances beyond our imagination.Education has played a key role in human progress as more people were educated inhumane actions decreased, from the Salem witch trials, people started to question the bible and the church as so many innocent people lost their lives.Scientific evolvement

Today the human anatomy can be observed from an early age .John B. Payne a black man fighting in the American civil war in 1864 desired equality and freedom- he wanted the right to vote and be voted for Today an African-American, Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief of The United States of America.Politics

John B. Paynes dream of a untied America is depicted in the image behind. Blacks and whites holding hands as one people. He may not be alive today to see what he fought for come to light but his descendants and the rest of the world can reflect and identify this achievement. The attainment of a goal or goals one sets for themself.Achievement is driven by initiative.Many can finish the race but only one can come up first. When one sets a goal for themselves, it is up to them whether they want to come up first or just merely finish the race.

Personal achievementMy Personal achievement

Graduating from High school with credentials that got me into this prestigious school in the United States.Something very few people can accomplish. Thats me My parents have been the most influential people in my life and where I am today can be credited to them. Teaching me valuable lessons in my life that nothing comes for free and to get to the next level you need perseverance and determination.These are all necessary qualities in reaching your goals.

Factors that influenced my successFamily, culture, social status and environment contribute largely to a persons success or failure. It is what one chooses to do with these different factors in their life that attribute to their individual achievements.

Components that influence individual achievementHuman achievement can be measured by our devotion to whatever it is that we believe in and being true to oneselfThis nature can be truly seen by reviewing the life of Sojourner Truth, once a slave. But died free.

Sojourner Truth made the best of every circumstance she found herself in. Although she was a slave, she strived to be the best slave she could be to her master.Her ambition and desire to please were so greatSojourner Truths most profound characteristic.Sojourners speech And aint I a woman became a symbol for womens movement towards equality and rights to vote.She inspired the moral responsibility to speak out against the evils of slavery and prompted more women, black and white, to enter public life.

Sojourner Truths Achievements.This image shows a tributary statue of her by the First Lady Michelle Obama and other highly esteemed women in politics.Our greatest achievement yet as the human race is that we have reached equilibrium with the capacity of our intelligence, whereby we know we can attain whatever it is we put our minds to.Conclusion.Questions?