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Human resource planning 1 Human Resource Management Slide 2 HR Planning is required to meet the following objectives: 1) Forecast personnel requirements: HR planning is essential to determine the future manpower needs in an organization. In the absence of such a plan it will be difficult to have the services of right kind of people at the right time. 2 Human Resource Management Slide 3 2) Cope (manage, handle) with change: HR planning is required to cope with changes in the market condition, technology, products and government regulation in an effective way. These changes may require the services of people with the require technical knowledge and training. In the absence of an HR plan, we may not in a position to enlist their service in time. 3 Human Resource Management Slide 4 3) Use existing manpower productively: By keeping an inventory of existing personnel in an enterprise by skill, level, training, educational qualifications, work experience; it will be possible to utilize the existing resources more usefully in relation to the job requirements. 4 Human Resource Management Slide 5 4) Promote employees in a systematic manner: HR planning provides useful information on the basis of which management decides on the promotion of eligible personnel in the organization. With the help of employees skill inventory system, the manager can promote their employees on systematic way. 5 Human Resource Management Slide 6 The process of Human Resource Planning: 6 Human Resource Management Slide 7 External challenges 7 Human Resource Management Slide 8 2) POLITICAL, LEGAL, SOCIAL, AND TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE: 8 Human Resource Management Slide 9 3 ) Competition: Due to strong competition among different firms, every firm want to create a unique product from their competitor to capture the market, thats why they work hard and always try to bring new changes and innovation in their product. For this purpose they want to hire highly skillful employees for their organization that create something unique for them. 9 Human Resource Management Slide 10 b) Organizational decision 10 Human Resource Management Slide 11 Conti 11 Human Resource Management Slide 12 Conti 12 Human Resource Management Slide 13 c ) Workforce factors: 13 Human Resource Management Slide 14 The basic purpose of preparing manpower inventory is to find out the size and quality of personnel available within the organization. Every organization will have two major sources of supply of manpower. 14 Human Resource Management Slide 15 1) Internal labor supply: 2) External labor supply: 15 Human Resource Management Slide 16 A profile of employees in term of age, sex, education, training, experience, job level, past performance should be kept ready for use whenever required. Requirements in term of internal movement of employees (transfer, promotion, retirement, termination etc). For internal supply they count the number of employees and try to collect information about the workforce capabilities. 16 Human Resource Management Slide 17 a) Human Resource Audits: Human Resource audit shows each employee skills, knowledge and abilities. Audits of non managers are called skills inventories, audits of managers are known as management inventories. The inventory represents each employee skills and abilities. Simply we can say it is a brief summary regarding each employee which shows strong and weak point of an employee. Through this the planner can easily adjust a person in future. 17 Human Resource Management Slide 18 b) Succession planning: It is the process in which the planers convert information about current employee into decisions about future internal job placement. For this purpose they keep the record of every employee in human resource information system. To find suitable candidate human resource department provide different type of training to their employee to accept future job opening. 18 Human Resource Management Slide 19 c) Replacement charts: It is a visual representation of who will replace whom if there is a job opening. To construct this type of chart HR audit will provide information 19 Human Resource Management Slide 20 This is the second major source of labor supply. when an organization grows rapidly, introduce new technology than it is difficult to fill all the vacant position from internal source than the organization need for external supplies of human resource. 20 Human Resource Management Slide 21 Education level of workforce. Demographic changes in population. Technical development. 21 Human Resource Management Slide 22 The existing number of personnel and their skills (from Human Resource inventory) are compared with the forecasted manpower needs ( demand forecasting) to determine the qualitative and quantitative gaps in the workforce. 22 Human Resource Management Slide 23 After determining manpower gaps than we will formulate HR plan for the organization that how many employees required and which type of employees. 23 Human Resource Management