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Humbul Humanities Hub - helping you find online resources. Martin Wynne again, with the help of Ylva Berglund!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Humbul Humanities Hub- helping you find online resourcesMartin, with the help of Ylva Berglund!

  • As always this whole Internet thing makes me completely stressed out. About 30% is that it is really unpleasant to read on the screen. The rest is, I think, that you can never get an overview of HOW MUCH material there is behind every link. I know I have to know about electronic resources but I just dont. I am, as you understand, not a good Web user.

  • Wouldnt it be niceif someone could find the good websites and just tell you about them?

  • Humbul Humanities HubSubject specialists identify, index and describe good websitesSearchable catalogue freely available online

  • Humbul Humanities Hub

    Part of the RDN (Resource Discovery Network)Funded by JISC and AHRBAvailable at

  • Virtual Training Suite (VTS)Tour key Internet sites for English StudiesDiscover how to search the InternetReview what to trust on the InternetReflect how to get the most from the Internet for your work

  • Hands onMy Humbul worksheet (Include and Alert)VTS tutorial (from RDN site)Explore the site(s)Finding online resources for teaching

  • Online resources for teachingThink of a subject/lesson/assignment/questionDefine search termsSearch using Google, Humbul, RDN, own choice one or more option (how do you change your search terms?)Find interesting site(s)Evaluate site(s)Discuss how to use the site alt. why unsuitable

  • Humbul Humanities Hub- helping you find online resourcesMartin

    (Presentation of MW, cataloguer for Humbul)Let us start with a quote. This is what a colleague said when I told her about some good websites I had found.(read it)Does it sound familiar?Many people find it stressful to know that there is a lot out there that you should know about and make use of, but it is time-consuming to find it. If you make a search in Google you get many, many hits and you then have to go through them to see what each site contains and decide if it is worth using.Wouldnt it be nice? The good news is there is such a someone!Humbul employs subject specialists to identify good websites in the Humanities. They then index the sites and write a short (100-300 wds) prose description about them. The links and descriptions are available in a database/catalogue which can be searched online free of charge.Humbul is part of the RDN and have seven sister services for other subject areas.Funded by JISC and AHRB

    DEMO after this!!!

    (next slide is about VTS you may or may not want it here)

    The VTS is a series of online tutorials that teach key information skills for the Internet environment. You can learn about internet resources for your subject and about searching and using the web in general.Over 60 different subjects

    (copied from your notes:What do you do if the site you need is not in Humbul or RDN? You can search on the web. To help you (and your students), the RDN has developed a series (over 60) online tutorials. You are introduced to some central sites and then shown how you design an effective search and (not least important) how to evaluate sites how do you know it is trustworthy? (one slide about this)All VTS have same set-up four sections (tour, discover, review, reflect) and online exercises. Links are not live (to avoid distraction) but you save them in your links basket which you can visit and/or print separately (the setting can be changed to make links live). You can choose to do it all or just part, use it for your own training or send students to it. Good starting point if you dont know much about online resources.For the hands-on you have a choice of activities:

    Work through the worksheet to learn to create your own webpage with selected resources from Humbul includedVTS tutorial do one for your subject or one for a subject you dont know very well (ex hairdressing). Access from RDN site which is available form HumbulJust explore the Humbul site (or other sites)Do a guided exercise to find resources for your needs (next slide)(Presentation of MW, cataloguer for Humbul)Let us start with a quote. This is what a colleague said when I told her about some good websites I had found.