I need a second income 11 dec-2012

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  • December 11th, 2012 Published by: cwonsley

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    During times like these, there area lot of people out there that are

    running out of money faster and faster.They are looking for a second income to supplement their primarysource of income. Most people go out and find a secondjob to support themselves and their families. But noteverybody has the opportunity to go out and work asecond job. Wether it is because of childcare or evenadult care costs and services. Maybe they are notphysically able to go out and work. And during thesetimes, the jobs just arent that plentiful.

    So what does that leave us with? Most people turn to the internet for their secondincome. This option is quite easy for a few people, but to the majority of us, it is very

    intimidating. The simple fact is that it is very easy, we trick ourselves into thinking

    that you have to have a masters degree to be able to make money online. That is

    one of the biggest myths online today. So Im going to break down just how you can

    get a second income online.

    SELLING YOUR STUFF ONLINEIt is free to set up an ebay account or go on craigslist. Once on there, you

    can have a virtual yard sale. This would bring in instant cash. Virtually

    overnight. But this is limited to what you have to sell. What you can also do

    is go to actual yard sales and resell them online. Another way is to go to the

    Goodwill or Salvation Army and resell what you can get from there. Some

    people go to storage auctions and estate sales, here you can get great deals.

    SELLING PUBLIC DOMAIN PICTURESThis is a little know avenue that some people have taken advantage of for

    years. What you would do is look up pictures that are in the public domain.

    That means that intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited, or

    are inapplicable. So people look these properties up and resell them. The

    best thing about this is that it is free of charge. You could take them and put

    them on canvas or reprint them onto various things to add value to it. You

    can go to you favorite search engine and type in various keywords like public

    domain pictures. That should get you started.

    AFFILIATE AND INTERNET MARKETINGThis is one of the more popular ways that people are making a substantial

    second income, and in some cases, their primary income. One of the more

    popular places to go to become an affiliate marketer is Clickbank. Clickbank

    is free to use as an affiliate. How it works is you choose the product that you

    want to promote and get the hop link for that particular product. Then you

    drive traffic to that particular hop link. Once people buy that product you will

    get a commission.

    Now, if your new to this, you might have a few questions. Like what is a hop

    link? This is a link that connects the consumer to the product that you are

    promoting that has your affiliate code attached to it. That way you and only

    you will get the commission if and when somebody buys. Next, how do you

    get people to click on your link? This is how many people get stuck. There

    are many ways to do this. You can write articles and submit them to article

    directory sites. Make a video and post it on youtube. Buy that product and

    write a review for it and post it on forums in that particular category. And you

    can write blogs to drive traffic to your site.

    And this is how I make my money. It started off with only a $25 investment

    that turned into more than just a way to make a second income. I was in

    your shoes a few months ago, looking to make just a little more. I couldnt

    get another job, because I have a small child and the childcare cost would

    have been more than what I would have made at any one of the jobs I was

    trying to get. So I had to do something at home. This is how I did it. Now

    Im spending more time with my family and earning a second income. To get

    start just like I did, click here.

    I Need A Second IncomeSource: http://www.empowernetwork.com/cwonsley/blog/i-need-a-second-


    By Charity Wonsley on December 11th, 2012

    During times like these, there are a lot of people out there thatare running out of money faster and faster.They are lookingfor a second income to supplement their primary source ofincome. Most people go out and find a second job to supportthemselves and their families. But not everybody has theopportunity to go out and work a second


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